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Everyday, you are probably asking yourself: Why is The Goddess Lounge, which is in many ways a tribute to Southern California, anchored in Altadena, California.  Find out the answer to this fascinating question here.

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I'm going to be honest with you.  I'm feeling a little exhausted lately. I think all the adrenaline from The Goddess Lounge book launch is sputtering out.

So, of course, I bought shoes.

Pretty cool, huh?  They are Dansko's and, since we're being honest, I'm just going to go right out and say it: They were not on sale.

I know what you're thinking: "Oh, that fancy pants Margaret with her expensive not-on-sale shoes.  One novel and she thinks she's Imelda Marcos."

Yeah. I get that, but here's what I say.  "I am on my feet often!  I teach on my feet.  I walk on my feet.  Even when I'm sitting, I am often swiveling around my ankle (per PA's video below), which is connected to my foot."

To which you are thinking, "Oh, that fancy pants Margaret.  I bet she is going to say she writes on her feet."

Actually, sometimes I do.  It has to do with my hip, but be that as it may, I also think you should know that I will probably have these shoes for, like, five years.  Really. Despite what you are thinking, I am really not that big of a shopper.  So you could say the shoes were a GOOD INVESTMENT.

"Investment!  HA!" You are saying. "You just wanted those shoes, and frankly, with those speckly looking things they do not even look practical."

I know!  All right!  I know!  I just wanted them so much and I hardly ever do anything nice for myself.  So just leave me alone!


After the panic

It is my determined opinion that when freaking out before a public reading the best thing to do is clean your house.  Vacuum, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchens, straighten, dust.  The sheer focus will be almost meditative, plus you will work off a lot of energy.  Only then should you shower.

Arrive early to your public reading destination.  Organize the books.

Then relax.  These are good people.  You love these people.

What were you so worried about?

(Wanna see a me in action?  For video of a little of my fancy footwork see this post by Pasadena Adjacent.  I'm actually a little entranced by my shoes. )



Just a general call out for good thoughts today.  I have my first reading of The Goddess Lounge at 3:30, and I am a bit panicked.  

If you are around, come give me a hug.  If you're not around send good thoughts!

Goddess Lounge Book Signing and Reception
SPACE Arts Center
1508 Mission Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030
3:00 to 4:30 in the afternoon.
Reading at 3:30 PM.



Ode to Tomatoes (With apologies to Pablo Neruda)

I'll share with you my story,
I'll share with you my wine,
But slip off with my homegrown tomato,
And I'll tie you up with vine.

Here, have another piece of cake!
Here, have something else that I might bake,
But, I swear, get any closer to my homegrown tomato,
And I'm going rip your head off and show it at your wake.

I would love you to take this gently used book,
I would love you to remember this heartfelt look,
But, I'm serious, that is my fricking tomato, and you are getting way too close.
Don't make me tear off your arms or hang you on a meat hook.

I'm glad that we can have to this time to wander and be free,
I'm glad that we can have this time to focus on you and me,
But--OK--now you're just pissing me off.  You're trying to take my tomato on purpose.
Put it back.  PUT IT BACK!

Oh my flipping God, You ate my tomato.
Rot-in tomato hell.


Ever wonder...

Goddess (Photo credit: campra)
Ever wonder what is up with me and all this goddess business? The fascinating mystery is explained at today's Pasadena Daily Photo.

PS: You're melting away already!  Eat some ice cream.
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Goddess of the Week: Athena

Birth of Athena. Attic exaleiptron (black-figu...
Birth of Athena. Attic exaleiptron (black-figured tripod), ca. 570–560 BC. Found in Thebes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Elizabeth needs a goddess for dealing with migraines.  Oi!  She needs Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom.

Zeus, the big cheater who could never keep his toga closed, lusted after the Titan Metis.  But there were two problems.  One, Metis was just not into him.  Two, a prophet foretold that Metis would bear Zeus a daughter, and later, a son, and that the son would kill Zeus and become leader of the gods, much like Zeus had done earlier.

Naturally, Zeus never let a little thing like impeding patricide get in the way of romance.  He pursued and flattered Metis until she couldn't see straight, and then, after they had their little tete-a-tete, he swallowed her.  (Talk about your bad dates!)

Now Zeus had a new problem.  He had such a headache!  He was doubled-over in pain.  He moaned so loudly the whole world heard him.  Finally, the smith god had to split Zeus's head open with an ax!  And then what happened?  Athena, fully grown and dressed in stylish battle armor, popped straight out of his head.

Now listen, Elizabeth, because this is important: Do not split your head open!  That only works if you are Zeus.  But Zeus got help, and so can you.  See your doctor.  Also consider an acupuncturist.  Also, I'm hearing mixed reviews about oxygen therapy.  Check it out.  Mostly, be gentle on yourself.  Unlike Zeus, you did not swallow some poor Titan.  Your sweet body is doing the best it can dealing with a really crummy situation.  Give it some love.

Channel this goddess: When having a migraine or really bad headache.  Titans aren't the only food triggers, by the way.  Also watch out for bacon, wine, cheese, chocolate--basically anything good.  Enjoy your gruel!

Need a goddess?  I got goddesses! Post a comment explaining what you need or want a goddess for.  Then check back in a week or two and see what you got.  It's fun!  It's free!  It's better than having a fully-grown goddess stuck in your head.

PS: On another note, local readers might appreciate knowing that my novel The Goddess Lounge is now available at Vroman's Bookstore, 695 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA.  Each copy is looking for a good home and is fully house trained.  Tell your friends.

Also, I'll be reading from The Goddess Lounge at a book signing and reception this Saturday, July 21 at SPACE Arts Center, located at 1508 Mission Street, South Pasadena, CA.  The reception is from three to four-thirty in the afternoon.  The reading will be at three-thirty.  A portion of all proceeds will go to SPACE Arts Center scholarships.  I'm making cookies, so come on down!
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Fifty Shades of Green Eggs and Ham

"Sam I Am"
"Sam I Am" (Photo credit: CraftyGoat)
Anastasia Steele climbed the stairs to the bedroom, where she knew business magnate Christian Grey would be waiting for her.  She knew what he would do, and she knew she should hate him for it, but she climbed the stairs all the same.

She entered the room.  She saw him, standing there, wearing only an eye patch and a pair of Italian silk boxers the color of blood--the color of her shame, her humiliation, her love.

Mr. Grey opened his dirty mouth, and he said, "I am Sam the Pirate King. I am Sam.  Sam I am."

She tried to remember every smart thing her mother ever told her, but all she could do was whisper, "I do not like that Sam I am."

He tore open her crisp white blouse.  Fondling her trembling breasts, he said, "Do you like green eggs and ham?"

"I...I do not like green eggs and ham."  Her voice quivered.

He threw her to the ground.  "Oh, you like green eggs and ham," he said.  "You like them in a train.  You like them in a plane. You like them on the ground.  You like them all around.  You like them wearing leather--even more in stormy weather.  You like them when I tie you down. You like them when I wear a crown.  You like green eggs and ham.  You like them, and you want them.

"No.  No.  Ok.  Yes.  I...I do like green eggs and ham.  It's wrong, I know, but I can't live without green eggs and ham.  I can't and I won't! Her eyes grew wide, and she felt a deep power weld up inside her.  With a fierceness that made Mr. Grey's nostrils flare in excitement, she struggled and twisted until she was sitting on top of him.  "I'll them in the dark.  I'll have them in the park.  I'll them here and now. I'll have them bouncing on a cow.

"But tell me this, Mr. Grey, is that a wocket in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?
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Out of office reply

I'm sorry to have missed your visit.  I am out of the blogosphere until Monday, July 16, or whenever I get around to blogging after that.

Instead of blogging, I am at the Scripps College Alumnae Summer Camp, which is everything you wish summer camp would involve, including pool time, cocktails, good food, crafts, enlightenment, dancing, and really amazing women.

While I'm gone, please enjoy the following Star Wars Lego creations made by the Lego professionals at Legoland:

Have a nice day.


Lurking Cupid

Found this little guy across the street from my daughters' gym.  Cupid was Venus's son, you know, and I am not sure how he became so cherubic as he was a rather lusty and very grown up fellow.  Maybe it was because his mother was such a helicopter parent, so people could never disconnect the two.  Talk about your controlling moms! She trapped him in his room when she didn't like his girlfriend.  Worse yet, she tried to get the girl to jump to her death.  Still, you gotta love her.  Literally.  You do.  She was the goddess of love.

Are you sick of my blabbering on about my novel yet?  No?  Then check out The Goddess Lounge-inspired menu created by Desiree over at The Restless Chef.  After which, check out the interview with me at writer Traci Moore's website.  You are sick of my blabbering? I'm sorry.  By the way, did I mention that you are having a FANTASTIC hair day? And those shoes!  Wherever did you find them?


Famous Author Interview: Margaret Finnegan

Margaret Finnegan is the author of the acclaimed (by her mother) novel The Goddess Lounge.  We talked to her in her spacious (when compared to a tent) home, where she served us Venus nipple cocktails and shrimp on a stick.

Intrepid reporter: Margaret, now that your novel, The Goddess Lounge, is touching the lives of literally DOZENS, how has your life changed?

MF: It's been a whirlwind!  Just the other day my brother-in-law said, "Congratulations!  You must be so excited."  To which I replied, "Shut up!  Leave me alone.  I'm not listening."  And then I hid in the garage.

IR: Ha, ha.  You are so funny.  Were you always this funny?

MF: No really. I hid in the garage, and somehow it got locked, and they only found me when they needed to do laundry, which was disappointing because I had been sleeping on a pile of tablecloths.  The floor was very hard after that.

IR: But how does it feel to go from anonymous blogger/writer to celebrity author and sometimes escort of Colin Firth and Ewan McGregor?

MF: I don't know what you are implying.  We're all just good friends.

IR: Come now. You can tell us.  We won't tell a soul.

MF: My, my look at the time.  Your shrimp on a stick is looking a little sickly.  Shall we get you another?

IR:  One more question.  Is it true that JK Rowling called to offer you advice on how to survive the media throngs?

MF: She didn't call.  It was at the secret famous authors' club.  Don't get me started on the initiation rituals.  But, believe me, you do not want to mess with Steven King when he's wearing a thong and holding a live chicken.


Goddess of the Week: Butterfly Maiden

English: Monarch butterflies
English: Monarch butterflies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Jaime needs a goddess who will help her find her purpose in life.  She needs the Hopi Butterfly Maiden.
The Butterfly Maiden is a Hopi symbol of growth and rebirth.  She helps the crops grows and, like the butterfly, she demonstrates that everything is about transformation.  She understands, therefore, that our goal--our purpose--changes as we change.  How you saw yourself relating to the world at 20 is different from what you see at 40--or 60, or 80.  What doesn't change, however, is the need to nurture what you want to grow.  Your purpose is hidden in the unique constellation of gifts and talents that make up who you are.  You have to nurture those things, and you have to nurture the relationships that appreciate and value what is special about you.  Only a foolish gardener throws her seeds to the wind and walks away.  Don't be a foolish gardener.  If you want the fruit, you need to do the work.
And if that sounds too laborious, make it easy on yourself: Give to the world kindness and compassion.  Make that your mission.  That is purpose enough.

Channel this goddess: When you feel changes brewing in your life but you can't yet see what they are or how they will pan out, when seeking transformation, when cultivating your garden.

Need a goddess?  I got goddesses!  Post a comment explaining what you need or want a goddess for.  then check back in a week or so and see what you got.  It's fun!  It's free! It's better for you than kale!  (Actually, who are we kidding? Kale is really good for you, but still, it's not my favorite.)

PS: If you missed the party, my novel THE GODDESS LOUNGE is now available!  Click on the book cover on the right to order a copy.  And, then, if you like it, maybe you could write a review on Amazon.  That would really help me out, although I hate to impose.  You really are looking lovely today.  That color on you is divine.  You should wear it everyday.  
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Welcome to the Goddess Lounge Book Party!

Well, Hello!  Welcome to the book party.  You look marvelous.  Have you lost weight?  You have?  Then I'll just have to steer you clear of my secret boyfriend Colin Firth.  He's in the kitchen fighting with my other secret boyfriend, Ewan McGregor, over who will get to play the male lead in the film adaptation of The Goddess Lounge.

I told them, "Colin, Ewan, relax, there are two dynamic male characters in the book.  You can each play one."

But they know as well as I do that only one of them can play the hero.  Plus, the really great roles go to the ladies--and, "no," I said to Ewan--"You are not wearing a dress!"  Sigh.  I'm just going to let the Hollywood people figure it out.  I am a creative.  I can't handle all this jealous, negative energy.

Anyway, I'm so glad you came.  Can I get you a shrimp on a little stick?  How about a drink?  We're serving Venus Nipples.  Here's how you make it: You take a fluted champagne glass, drop a marachino cherry in it and then fill it with sparkling wine.  Delicious! (But don't let Colin or Ewan have anymore,  they get so CRAZY--and I do have a husband, after all.)

What? You want to know where my creative inspiration comes from?  How I came up with such a fabulous character like Penne Armour, who tries so hard to be a good mother while negotiating work, family, dogs, traffic, and run ins with mean, high-end one-eyed sales clerks?  Oh, darling, what can I say?  I try to let my MUSE take over and simply let the story unfold.  It's exhausting, but then, so much of life is.

You want me to sign your copy of The Goddess Lounge?  Sweetheart, hand me a pen!  What?  You want me to sign five copies so you can give The Goddess Lounge to your friends, family, neighbors, and book club?  Of course, of course.  Anything for YOU.

Now available: The Goddess Lounge
In paperback

And coming soon to Nook and iBooks.  


The Final Book Trailer

The last and final book trailer for The Goddess Lounge is up!  I do have to say, I think it really does speak to the beauty and wholeness of womanhood to see so many women, from so many walks of life and at so many places in their lives, in this collage-like video.  The voice over is by Petrea Burchard, who you might know as the goddess behind Pasadena Daily Photo.  She acts, she does photography, and she is a phenomenal writer.  She is also the very first woman showcased in the trailer, so be sure to look for her.

And here's a little secret: You can actually buy the book now.  Just click on the book cover to your right.  I feel nauseous just writing that.  Believe me, writing is not for the faint of heart, and as I so often need to remind myself: I am the faint of heart.