First world problems that keep me up at night: To write or not to write

Reasons not to write:
1.    Bookstores no longer fun, only depressing since one book is a grain of sand on a continent-sized beach. Highlights futility of it all.
2.    Does no social good (as am not Nicholas Kristof). Better to train dog to visit convalescent home.
3.    Almost constant source of pain and anguish.
4.    People only want to read about cats and murder, ideally at the same time.
5.    So hard to make time.
6.    House is disgusting. Time spent writing would be better spent cleaning.
8.    Will die anyway.
9.    Body flabby. Time spent writing would be better spent weight-lifting, etc.
10. Am nobody's Shakespeare. Am not even barely known mid-list author who will be  reissued posthumously by well-meaning feminists. Am not even barely known mid-list author who will not be reissued posthumously by well-meaning feminists.
11. Never put writing first. Never have. Never will.
12. A little embarrassing to admit to being writer when even writing successes so minor and inconsequential.

Reasons to write
1.    Creative expression=way to rage against machine and futility of it all.
2.    Paid to teach writing and strongly believe writing teachers should have actual writing practice.
3.    If writing is personally meaningfully should not matter if work is insignificant/unknown to others. Intrinsic validation always trumps external validation.
4.    Be honest: would really not use time spent writing to clean house or lift weights. Would only screen more Netflix.
5.  Really should not screen more Netflix.
6.    Good way to avoid thinking about problems.
7.    Often make self laugh as am adorably funny.
7.    There are worse writers.
8.    Tend to dwell/overthink/question everything. Writing=healthy way to focus brain so as not to catastrophize.
9.    If must have addiction, writing better than drugs or alcohol.
10. When not constant source of pain and anguish, enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.


Desiree said...

I am a huge believer in external validation, which makes rejection so much more painful. I think the main reason to write is because, honestly, you couldn't live without it. However, this conversation require cocktails to continue, and it's still too early.

TheChieftess said...

Sooo adorably funny!!!

cindie said...

The world would be just ... less without your writing in it. It may not know why or what it was missing, but it would feel the lack. I know this.

Olga said...

I am glad you keep writing. I like how you turned the struggle into a blog post...kind of making lemonade when you are handed lemons.

Desiree said...

PS: I've got a goddess for YOU:
Anne Lamott: "Write because you have to, want to, and can; because you have a story to tell, & because no one, not even you, is going to stop you again."

Cafe Pasadena said...

As long as you don't bother me - I'm Eating!

Coppertop said...

Ha! I have great affection for you and your writing, and you are adorably funny. That is a fizz-act.

Ms M said...

Excellent lists. I relate. I so enjoy your sense of humor.
Good luck :)

Star said...

Delightful, as always.

Shell Sherree said...

Well, when you write, Margaret, I'll gladly read it.

Stacey said...

Please keep writing. You ARE adorably funny.

I think the first thing I read of yours had to with butter. Butter that we should slather on our thighs. See, your images stick! Like butter.

Petrea Burchard said...

Margaret, here's another reason to write: no one else can write what you write.

altadenahiker said...

The thing about writing is, it feels so good when I stop.

And that, perhaps, is why my blog-comment verification here is "silence." Ok, to be honest, it's silence + ionerDo.

Shanna said...

Yes, you are adorably funny. And you know what?...You are the only you there is. So be the best you there is to be...And let me tell you this...I had to stop reading The Goddess Lounge after that trapeze scene. I still laugh and am amazed by it!
Took a laughing break and finished. Wow.

Susan Campisi said...

Another reason to write: the world would miss out on your wisdom and humor. I'm glad your reasons to write far outweigh your reasons not to.