Goddess of the Week: Ninkasi

Per #11 on the list below, I give you Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess who invented beer and has been worshipped in deed, if not word, ever since.

I'm crazy grading papers for another few days so no Ninkasi magic for me.  But here is an ancient tribute to Ninkasi that was discovered in the remains of ancient Sumer. I posted this last November, so you might remember it, but I think the timelessness of it bears repeating.

Hymn to Ninkasi

From the land of sky blue waters,
Comes the beer refreshing.

Oh goddess,
Have you, perchance, a wedge of lime?

Why? Oh, why,
Do you fatten my thighs,
You of stars and moon and many carbs?

I will worship you with this:
But never with a juice box,
for cardboard paired with tiny straws are anathema to your lips.
Surely, surely, worshipping you with a juice box
Would bring a plague upon my house for seven generations,
And rightly so.

And because Ninkasa,
Rhymes slightly-kind of-sort of with piƱata,
I will also worship you on Cinco De Mayo,
And Superbowl Sunday,
And just football season in general,
And, in Germany, in the entire month of October.

And every college dormitory will be your temple,
Because that is what you demand,
And who am to argue with a goddess?


beckynot said...

I'm guessing they worship her in Portland aka Beervana.

Daisy said...

Our Canadian National drink!

Olga said...

I do remember that poetic tribute. It brought out my husband's spiritual leanings--well hidden until I read that to him.

altadenahiker said...

Ah yes, I remember worshiping at this shrine.

Ms M said...

A toast to Ninkasi!
Great tribute. She should deliver a 6-pack of fine micro-brew to you in gratitude.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I worship Negra Modelo

Petrea Burchard said...

Did Ninkasi invent the non-alcoholic kind, too? If so, I do worship her regularly, and the calories aren't bad.

Alison said...

Not a drink I enjoy, but if you can find the goddess who discovered cocktails, I would be a follower!
Alison xx