Cursed Again!

I promised Valentine's curses for people who broke your hearts, but you, of course, are way to zen-like and forgiving to want such petty satisfaction. That's the difference between you and me. You move through life's rapids like they are the calmest of waters. Your hair is always perfect, and you are all about acceptance and moving on. I, on the other hand, shriek and cry out at the smallest of waves and then just collapse, moaning, in a fetal position in the sand and hope that someone will bring me pudding and a spoon.

I get it. You are a better person than I. You are also better than Petrea (I'm sorry Petrea; it's a hard truth, but you must face it.) Petrea is petty like me, and she wanted a curse for her payroll company. This is for you, Petrea:

Curse for Inept Payroll Company
Get as good as you give.
Wait, on hold.
A little bit longer.
A little bit longer.
A little bit longer.
Please try that number again.

You are also better than Ann Erdman (Alas, Ann, you must face that truth too!) who wants a curse for silly vocabulary, #talklikeajock. This is for you, Ann:

Curse for Say Nothingers
Sort of like, wow, you know, shut up!
Dream nightmares of IKEA.
Realize you wrote the instructions for that way cool dining table with 1057 parts.
Like, good luck with that. 

I know the curses are late. Sorry about that. Busy. 

It was my birthday yesterday. I got flan at La Monarca. You may recall that I have strong feelings about flan, but this flan was delicious. My sweet Elizabeth also went and saw Philomena. It's the only Academy Award best picture nominee I've seen this year. I liked it a lot, but talk about your bad nuns! I'm curious what you think of that, Barbara.

As for the photo, I wish it came out better. It was this gorgeous try just starting to blossom. I saw it while walking on Friday. It immediately reminded me of your zen-like essence.


Olga said...

Why thank-you so much. i have been cultivating my zen-like calm. I am glad you noticed.

Jean Spitzer said...

Happy birthday. Would like to see philomena, but it has disappeared from around here.

Cathy Perlmutter said...

People need a curse for non-functional health care websites, plus a prayer to make them better. Many happy returns.

Petrea Burchard said...

Thank you, Margaret! I've already repeated it under my breath several times.

I'm very zen about being petty. I accept that it's who I am.

altadenahiker said...

Glad Scout has you covered.

Star said...

I'd like a curse for Italians (or people, in general) who hog sidewalks, walking three abreast... SLOWLY ... leaving no space for others, or who STOP without warning to check their cell phone, dig out a cigarette (yes, there are still smokers, here, though ever fewer), underscore something in a conversation.... What does it cost you to move aside 30 inches?! Margaret, come to my rescue, please!

Kim Ohanneson said...

Margaret, I'm glad I've pulled the wool over your eyes. What appears to be zen-like calm is actually a rictus of irritation at the multitude of annoying people in the world, present company excluded.

So much for my New Year's resolution of live and let live....

Anonymous said...

Margaret, is it too late too add the Arizona Republicans to the curses list? Shame,shame, From Gran

Ms M said...

Excellent curses. And Happy Birthday! Glad you had some good flan, and hopefully, other good things, too.
BTW, I have very little zen-like calm. Instead of chanting, I do ranting. Usually in my car. While commuting to and from work.

Ann Erdman said...

IKEA? I was there last Thursday for the first time ever. I vowed never to go again, ever. I fell short of cursing IKEA but came pretty close!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I curse the academy for not selecting 'Nebraska' for anything.

TheChieftess said...

Curses!!! And Happy Belate Birthday!!!