The Scout Report: Weathering the New Economy

Extreme, shifting weather patterns make market conditions difficult to predict, but the smart dog sees opportunity where others see calamity.

When May brings temperatures in the low 100s, think hot dogs
When May brings snowstorms, think hot dogs.
When May brings spring showers, think hot dogs.

Actually, whatever weather you are experiencing right now, hot dogs is the right answer. Make it simple. No bun. No condiments. Don't even heat them. If it will make you feel better to drop them in the dirt first, that will in no way affect your bottom line. Because the bottom line is that even the best kibble mixes well with dirty and/or sandy and/or puddle-splashed hot dogs.

Outside of hot dogs, predicting what commodities consumers will covet in a turbulent climate environment is challenging, and it would be wise to remember the investor's maxim, "Don't put all your bones in one basket." If you put all your bones in one basket, someone is likely to put the whole basket thing on the washing machine, and then where will you be? You'll be boneless. And no one wants that. Diversify your holdings! Put one bone under the couch. Put one bone in the backyard. Put a third bone in your favorite softie place. That way you'll have all your bases covered. But don't put a bone in the front yard. One of your competitors will totally steal it, and then you'll be boneless again. And that would sad because bones are excellent for chewing and chewing and chewing and chewing. And also hoarding.

Speaking of things to hoard, precious metals continue always hold th
eir worth in times of investor anxiety. But they are really not as fun to chew. And, frankly, you're best bet is still a hot dog. On the other hand, they have great potential for burying, and if the new economy is anything like the new weather, burying your treasure may be a pretty good investment strategy in the end.


Daisy said...

Very good advice Scout. You de man!
kisses from Daisy

Olga Hebert said...

Timely. Now I can cancel my dreaded appointment with a financial advisor!

Pearl said...

That was delightful. Put in those terms, I -- and, shhhhhh, the kitties -- are rich indeed.

Greetings from Minneapolis!


Diane Tolley said...

Finally. Financial advice put into terms I can understand. Arf! I mean, Well done!

Petrea Burchard said...

I love this, especially the photo.

Bellis said...

That photo's amazing. Tina will pose like Scout for hot dogs, only hot dogs, but I can't get my female friends to join in like that.

Susan Campisi said...

"Don't put all your bones in one basket." What would we do without Scout's sage advice?!

Ms M said...

Yes, I agree -- Scout's advice is excellent and timely. I'll make sure my bones are diversified.