Madame Margaret tells your fortune

Ahhhhh! Settle in: this is a good one.

Representing your past you have the king of swords, but he is upside down. That is significant. It is meant to remind you of a difficult man in your past, a real task master who liked to have things his way. I think you know who I mean. Why are you thinking about him? I think it has something to do with this:

Representing your present you have The Chariot. This is a good card. It means success. You are about to experience a success you have worked very hard to achieve. Well done. But how does the difficult man fit in? Hmmm. Maybe he pushed you in a way you needed to be pushed. Maybe he helped you develop the thick skin you needed to achieve your success. Or maybe it's just the opposite. Maybe he held you back. Maybe he's become something of an inner critic, making you doubt yourself. Think it through because look what's next:

The Three of Pentacles upside down. It means that your success won't last unless you put in the time to see things through. Don't drop the ball or your hard-earned success will fizzle out. We don't want that to happen! You've worked too hard! Your success belongs to you. Don't let people who once held influence over you hold you back.


Daisy said...

Good Advice Margaret, with or without the cards!

by the way, every time I make a comment on your blog I get an email rejecting my email to you. Do they get through?

Ms M said...

Quite a fortune!
I think the wheel is coming off of my chariot, though....

Petrea Burchard said...

Could this male in my past be a female?

Olga Hebert said...

Ah, very good advice.