Summer Watching

I'm sort of embarrassed to tell you this because I fear you will judge me, but I love TV, especially funny TV. I know this is a golden age of television drama--Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, etc--but those don't do it for me. For one thing, they are too long. I feel guilty taking a break in my day to watch an hour drama, but twenty minutes? Count me in. Also, if I am going to watch TV, I'm gonna wanna laugh. Here's what I'm watching lately. Basically all of it is on Hulu Plus.

Moone Boy. This Irish sitcom revolves around a young boy and his adult imaginary friend, who is played by Chris O'Dowd (one of my three secret boyfriends so, you know, this had me at go). Funny and charming and a little wacky. The boy and his best friend (a real one with his own adult imaginary friend) are hysterical.

Welcome to Sweden. Have you seen this? It's on NBC (also Hulu Plus), and I have no idea how it got on one of the three big broadcast networks. It has Swedish subtitles (although most is in English)! It also has gorgeous views of the Swedish countryside and it is surprisingly subtle and smart. I don't see how it will possibly survive, so watch it while you can.

The Mindy Project. I have a few reservations about this one. It's a workplace comedy starring Mindy Kaling as an OB/GYN looking for love. There are two seasons, and I liked the first season better, in part because she had some great women friends, who were apparently cut for the second season. In the second season, with the exception of some women in the OB/GYN office (I swear the women had more screen time the first season) it is Mindy and the other men in her practice. Mindy Kaling is adorable and funny and I love that she makes no excuses for not looking like every stick-figure woman on TV and that she always gets the hot guys, but I also wish that it had not become so centered on Mindy and her men, as opposed to Mindy and her world.

Pram-faced. High-school boy meets college-bound girl. Girl gets pregnant. Can you make a life with someone you hardly know? That's the the premise of this British show. Three seasons I think, each with about six episodes. The families of the young mum and dad are great and make the show more layer than it might seem.

The Wrong Man. Also British. Mistaken-identity caper. Low-level government official gets mixed up in international espionage. Stars James Corden, who plays the Baker in the upcoming Into the Woods.

Spy. Also also British. Low-level IT guys turns secret agent. But can he win the respect of his hard as nails son? Ah...what do you think?

Deadbeat. Just on Hulu Plus. Kind of weird, but I liked it. It's about this medium who helps the dead complete their unfinished business so that they can move on. I'm especially worried that you will judge me for this one, but it's very different, and different is good.

If I went on much longer I would worry that you think I watch TV all day, which I do not! So don't make me feel more guilty and ashamed than I already do, Ms. Oh-I'm-so-busy-reading-Flaubert.

Oh! Also, my youngest got me hooked on the new Dr. Who. But alas: No more David Tennant. No more Matt Smith. I am beside myself. You are carrying the world on your shoulders, Peter Capaldi. Good luck with that.


Desiree said...

I love tv, fear no judgement, and look forward to diving in to these! Nothing relaxes a brain in quite the same way as a great show. :)

Olga Hebert said...

I am with you. If I watch TV I want to be entertained lightly and amused greatly.

Cathy Perlmutter said...

Now I need to find out what Hulu plus is! Do you watch on tv or computer?

Daisy said...

The only reason I can find for watching tv is total fun. I watch programs on my computer - love the British drama like Heartbeat.

There are also some good comedies on You Tube. I love Jeanne Robertson!

Laugh on my friend, life is too short to frown!

Petrea Burchard said...

Now I know what to look for on Hulu, thanks. I especially love the British stuff.

I saw a long-ish preview of "Deadbeat." Perhaps that preview was a victim of producers making unfortunate choices. It contained first a really offensive sexist joke, then a really offensive racist joke. So I figured it might be offensive altogether and decided not to watch it!

Margaret said...

Cathy: Hulu Plus is a streaming service, like Netflix, but it focuses on TV, including recent TV. Unlike Netflix, it has commercials, but they are generally pretty short.

Petrea: Deadbeat is definitely NOT PC or appropriate, but I thought the main character was sort of adorable.

countrynmore said...

You shouldn't feel guilty about taking a break. Laughter is good for the soul and it helps you get through the day. I know that I have felt guilty about taking a break during the day, but is necessary.

Ann Erdman said...

Cozi TV is my go-to channel for all the great old shows, from Father Knows Best to Burns and Allen.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I was born 8 pm prime time. At a time when TV was black and white and you had to get up to change the channel - TV has been my destiny.

TheChieftess said...

I'm hooked on Masterpiece Theater...Endeavor, Inspector Lewis, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple...(are you sensing a pattern here?)...and yes...I'm also hooked on Mr. Selfridge and Downton Abbey!!! Throw in a bunch of Law and Order reruns, Criminal Minds and HGTV and you pretty much know what I'm watching!!! (reruns are great for background while pounding away at the computer!!!)

Star said...

Been living outside of the States for twenty years come late September, so a lot of contemporary Anglo-Saxon culture has passed me by. Enjoyed the reviews, and the YouTube snippets that I looked up. Thanks!

Ms M said...

I'm very behind on TV shows; thank you for the reviews! Like you, I'd rather watch shows on the lighter side.
I used to watch Dr. Who. Classic.