What I am avoiding right now

1. Grading papers.
2. Grading tests.
3. Cleaning the following: desk, bathroom, kitchen, living room. And changing my sheets.
4. Assorted paperwork. Curses paperwork! How I hate you!
5. Funny enough, writing. Hmmm. Why? Very mysterious.
6. Changing my daughter's hair appointment.
7. Making dental appointments. 
8. Figuring out what I'm going to make for dinner.

By the way, have you seen this? It's on Neflix. Very spooky but also gripping and mysterious, all the more so because it's in French. And are you watching this? David Tennant is not my secret boyfriend, but he'll doing in a pinch. I would prefer to watch the English version, but Gracepoint is on Hulu+ so that is the best I can do. Speaking of secret boyfriends, I understand Chris O'Dowd is in St. Vincent, so I might have to check that one out.

What are you avoiding?


Desiree said...

Dinner: Jamie Oliver's baked chicken, it's so easy, really a snap.
Chris O Dowd! Does that mean you've watched the IT Crowd? HILARIOUS!!
Oui, j'ai vue Les Revenants--and I'm waiting for the next season.
St Vincent? Saw the commercial, thought, "Males have all the fun, woman uptight and adult. Sure to be a smash hit." Me? What am I avoiding? What am I NOT? As evidenced by the length of this comment. PS--You can check out the original, Broadchurch, on Netflix, on DVD. Huh. Guess we could have met for drinks instead of this ridiculously long comment ;)

Margaret said...

I am a fan of baked chicken. But I'll have to buy a chicken. I love the IT crowd. And have you seen Moone Boy? It's on Hulu+. I am only stream Netflix, so I will have to stick with Gracepoint. We definitely should have met for drinks.

Cindi Knight said...

LOVE Les Revenants (thank you, Desiree). So creepy and awesome. Have you seen The Top of the Lake? Another great way to avoid grading papers etc.

Margaret said...

I have not seen the top of the lake. Is it scary? I normally don't do scary. I'm not sure how I survived The Returned, but it couldn't stop watching it.

Daisy said...

I'm pouring the drinks - what's your choice? I too, am avoiding just about everything, altho I did just deliver some goodies to neighbours and got them off my desk! Yea!

Daisy's Barbara

Bellis said...

I'm avoiding housework by walking the dogs constantly. There isn't even time for TV. Let's all meet for a drink.

Petrea Burchard said...

I always avoid making phone calls. I don't know why but I put them off.

Oh and my secret boyfriend is Sean Bean.

altadenahiker said...

You're a fan of the IT Crowd? Me too. I saw Richard Ayoade's The Double. Difficult film; not that difficult is bad, but sometimes hard to swallow. Four months later, I'm still digesting.

Ms M said...

I'm avoiding work by working too much, avoiding sleep by staying up too late. I don't have time for TV either, but I'd go for a drink.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Cleaning house and RFQ's.