It's not Comic Con. At Anime Expo, Women Rule

The girl took and her best friend since first grade made their fourth trip to Anime Expo last week. Anime Expo is the annual LA convention celebrating the world of the Japanese Anime, which is a kind of Japanese Animation. Over 100,000 people turned out for the four day event.

The girl would like you to know that Anime Expo is like Comic Con, which is now happening in San Diego. Fans dress up like their favorite characters There is lots of merchandising. There are panels with Anime voice actors, Japanese bands, lots of artists and illustrators and seminars on things like "How to Write Amazing Fan Fiction."

But while Comic Con is often criticized for it gropers and misogyny, the girl says that Anime is a much more female-centric space. It is her believe that a majority of convention goers are women, and a quick glance around supports that conclusion. This is true even though Anime itself is full of scantily-clad, large-bosomed, tiny-voiced female characters. But there are also lots of bad-ass warrior women and women engineers and scientists in Anime, and I think that appeals to a lot young American women who are trying to figure out who they want to be.

There are definitely men at the convention, however.

Although the men without costumes seem creepily intent on taking pictures of the scantily-clad women. (Their poor mothers. I meant that for both sides of that equation.)

Still, for the most part, it is a nice crowd, and it seems like a safe space to parade your inner spirt/dragon slayer/mermaid.


Ms M said...

Thoughtful commentary and great photos! It would be fun to attend.

Petrea Burchard said...

Anime fans are very accepting and kind. Of course that's a general statement. But it seems to me that everyone's invited, and everyone's okay with everyone else. No one is left out. There is misogyny in some of the anime itself. But not in the crowd.

Cathy Perlmutter said...

Well said. I had the exact same emotions, that it's 80% wonderful, except in the areas where aged men not in costume are snapping pictures of underclad teen girls. Why is this legal? Male photographers over a certain age shouldn't be let in. Or something. Other than that, the creativity is awesome, and I am glad to learn that Anime Con is a better space for women!