What to read, what to listen to

Well, my friends, not even a full week into the new term and I am tired. One, it always takes a little while to find my rhythm. Two, I'm teaching more classes than I usually teach. Three, I've redesigned one my classes so there is a lot of new work involved. And the rest is all blah, blah, blah.

So, I have for you this:
This is the latest adorable picture of my sweet dog, Scout. Just knew you'd love it.

Also, go read The Hotel on the Place Vendome by Tillar Mazzeo right now! It's the amazing story of the Ritz Hotel during the occupation of Paris during World War II. Villains, collaborators, spies, heroes, rich people, and Ernest Hemingway! Reads like a novel. 

Also, if you are tired like me go and listen to this song immediately! It's good enough for three hundred million people. It's good enough for you. 


Watson said...

Scout looks so dignified and handsome!
Happy school year to you, and all your students who have such an amazing teacher.
Barbara and Watson

altadenahiker said...

I'm all Elena Ferrante all the time, right now. Oh, and I finally read Into Thin Air. The last is one of those good books I wish I'd never read; there's quite a few books I'd like to unread, for instance, Never Let Me Go.

Karen said...

I'm listening to the audiobook of All The Light We Cannot See. Spellbinding, I just love it.

Desiree said...

Oh my, I'd suggest wine but that will only make you more tired.
AH: Can't wait to dive into Elena Ferrante, have you read Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie novels? LOVE 'em--and into thin air is worthy of a discussion :)

altadenahiker said...

Des, yes, I'd like to discuss Into Thin Air. K is one of the best writers of extreme outdoor sports, but I don't entirely trust his account when it comes to the role he played and didn't play and perhaps should have played in the string of events. The Russian guide wrote his own version called The Climb, but I haven't been able to find it. I'm on my second Ferrante. You can have My Brilliant Friend when I'm finished.

Petrea Burchard said...

The Russian guide, Boukreev, co-wrote his book with Gary Weston Dewalt who lived in Pasadena until very recently. I interviewed him for my blog in 2008: http://pasadenadailyphoto.blogspot.com/2008/11/weston-dewalt.html

Margaret, that's a hell of a music video. Thank you. I hope you get some rest and feel-good time. A pooch to cuddle is more than half the battle.

Petrea Burchard said...

I just ordered the book. Thanks for the recommendation!

Bec said...

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things after 6 months off . . . and finish the last of my summer reading :) I'm reading "Serena" by Ron Rash and it's great so far.

Ann Erdman said...
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Ann Erdman said...

That's quite a song and quite a video!

Country Girl said...

I listened and watched the video. Hmmm.... nice wolf hat, but that guys eyes sure were wide open! Ha Ha! It was a little too much for me. I didn't watch it to the end. Where did you ever find it? -- I do guess it would wake one up!

Country Girl said...

I recently bought a book on Kindle that goes with a study I am doing with some friends. I really love being able to listen to it while I clean the kitchen or what ever I may be doing. I have two other books I am supposed to be reading for Bible studies. I'm afraid I took on too much at once. Maybe someday when I finish these studies I will have time to read something for pleasure. My bookshelves have many many books waiting for me!! A great vacation for me would be to go somewhere alone and read all weekend!

Anonymous said...

Please start blogging again.

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