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Goddess of the Week: Siduri Sabitu

Gidyean asks for a goddess of laughter who can "whisk him away from this god-forsaken place." Well, Gidyean, since I recently posted about the Shinto goddess of laughter, Uzume, I'm going to focus on the whisking away part of your request. For you, I have the Babylonian goddess Siduri Sabitu.

SIDURI09012_cl.jpgImage by jspatchwork via Flickr

A fate goddess and the mother of the stars, Siduri Sabitu lived in a cave covered with beautiful gems. The night sky was her cauldren and in it she stirred the mead of regeneration, which gave the gods immortal life.

The hero Gilgamesh went to see Siduri Sabitu. His best friend had died, and poor Gilgamesh had come to realize that not even heroes can live forever. Being a hero, however, he refused to take death lying down. "I don't want to die," he told the goddess. "Can I have some of your mead?"

"Look, Gilgamesh, do you even know how full of yourself you guys are? The only thing that gives people an ounce of humility is the looming threat of death. If even one of you got to live forever you'd be like a pig at a buffet. We'd hear you snorting a mile off. Stop this quest. You knew friendship! You knew love! Focus on that."

(Yeah. I know. But goddesses say things like that. If Gilgamesh didn't want that kind of advice he should have stayed home and talked to his mother).

Anyway, Siduri Sabitu tried to send him on his way, but Gilgamesh looked
so sad that she gave him some wine and let him play Wii Sports Resort for a while. Then she sent
him on his way, but he never did get the mead.

Siduri Sabitu reminds us that while this life can seem god forsaken, it's the only one we've got. There are lots of ways we can try and forget that -- Barbara Walters' increasingly plastic face comes to mind -- but bottom line: we don't get the regenerative mead. We do get regular mead, however, and studies show that, in moderation, it might actually improve your health! So pour yourself a glass and then pour one for a friend. The world seldom seems as drab when your not alone.

Channel this goddess: When life seems a disappointment, when ennui has you down, when you're not sure what your next cocktail should be, and when you're having a hard time living in the moment.

Gidyean: Hope this goddess works for you. Now go get that cocktail.

Need a goddess: I've got goddesses! Leave me a comment about what you need or who you need one for. I'll see what I can do.