Why a goddess of the week?

Good Question.  It started out because I was learning lots of cool stuff about goddesses while researching The Goddess Lounge.  I needed an outlet to share it.  At first that's what I did.  I would just post interesting details about ancient goddesses.  But the neatest thing I learned about ancient goddesses was that there really isn't anything modern women are grappling with that ancient goddesses and women didn't grapple with first.  Parenting, aging, plumbing.  You name it.  They dealt with it.  Just knowing this made me feel good, comforted.  It made me feel that I was part of this wonderful continuum of women who struggled and laughed and lived.  It wasn't just me.  It wasn't just my generation.  It is all of us, across time and distance.  That's the real message of the goddess of the week: Relax.  It's not just you.  It's a big boat, and there is room, support and precedent for all of us.

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Rachel Hope Crossman said...

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