About Me

I am a writer and a college writing instructor.  I used to write very serious things: a history book on the US woman's suffrage movement, for example.  But at some point I decided to write what I actually wanted to read, and I especially wanted to write things that were funny but also thoughtful.  A lot of this writing is done here on my blog, but I also write short and long-form fiction, which you can find here:




My novel The Goddess Lounge (Lucky Bat Books) will be available in late June.

I am currently working on a novel that I am very excited about.  It's called Optimized.  If you could take a pill that would make you so smart you could easily get into the college of your choice would you take it?  Would you let your child take it?  Would you do it if there were side effects?  Serious side effects?  Like turning you into a zombie?  That's Optimized.

I'll keep you posted on its progress, but, I'll be honest, I'm a slow writer.  Actually, I'm not a slow writer, I'm just a busy person so I juggle a lot of balls.  I write, I teach, but mostly I mom.  I have two teenagers and, frankly, they are high maintenance.  I also have a husband (low maintenance, thank goodness), and a dog (high maintenance but not whiny, so it balances out).  I also like to make time for walks, vegetable gardening, reading, visiting with friends, and sleeping.

I'm glad you found my blog.  Be sure to post a comment; I'd love to hear from you.


Watson said...

Margaret! The Lounge is now showing for sale on Amazon.ca (Canada) Just ordered a copy for my recuperating of hip replacement surgery. BTW, is there a goddess for new hips???

Margaret said...

Yeah! I will see what I can do.