The Goddess Lounge

Penne Armour's bad day just keeps getting worse. First she has to visit The Goddess Lounge, the notorious LA coffee house/knitting salon/menstrual palace picketed by religious conservatives as a “man-hating elevator to hell.”  Then Penne is told that her “inner goddess” is Venus, the Roman goddess of love, the one goddess—if she even believed in goddesses—that she would want nothing to do with.  Divorced mom Penne has no time for love.  She has a preschool to run, an ever-expanding pack of dogs to nurture, and a daughter to raise—a demanding teenager who needs an accessible and focused parent upon whom to target her age-appropriate rage and fury.  But when Penne's ex-husband goes missing and she sets out to find him, maybe an inner Venus is just what Penne needs to face down a one-eyed fashionista, a boar-taming olive-oil rancher, a hypnotic lounge lizard, an ocean of traffic, and her own increasingly irrepressible feelings for a businessman with a dangerous secret. 
    A comic, gender-twisting riff on Homer’s Odyssey, The Goddess Lounge asks the eternal question:  Why be a hero when you can be a goddess?  

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Advance praise for The Goddess Lounge:

"Smart, funny, and strangely comforting, Margaret Finnegan’s The Goddess Lounge made me laugh out loud.  Finnegan tackles the big subjects—Parenthood, Responsibly, Family, Divorce, Spirituality, Commitment, and more—with an open, disarmingly honest, and humorous touch."

Victoria Patterson

This Vacant Paradise

"You've never read The Odyssey?  Me neither.  But if The Goddess Lounge, Margaret Finnegan's inventive take on The Odyssey is any indication, it's a wild, hilarious and empowering adventure."
Petrea Burchard
Pasadena Daily Photo

"The Goddess Lounge is a wonderful romp that took me on a gleeful adventure.  Its wry humor, deft writing, and modern twist on a classic tale all kept me reading and pleading for more.  Equal parts guilty and literary pleasure—thank you, Goddess Margaret." 
Desiree Zamorano
Human Cargo, Latinidad’s Mystery Pick of 2011

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