When childcare feels like war

Whenever one of my children gets sick I think of war movies in which combat is depicted as long stretches of mind numbing boredom broken by sudden, brief moments of adrenaline pumping panic and terror.

Caring for a sick child is just like that actually: Lots of bored waiting wrapped in underlining anxiety spliced with intermittent chaos. Stomach viruses are especially bad. Your child is laying still and quiet, watching the same Disney movie for the fifteenth time, and then, suddenly -- wham -- a frantic race to the toilet.

My ten year old is sick right now. Nothing too bad, but we're stuck at home, bored, waiting for something to happen. The poor dog is desperate for attention and exercise, and so is my twelve year old. She's running around screaming like a dying hyena. This is pleasurable for her, and I suppose it burns some energy, but I think I'd rather listen to the hyena.

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