Giving Thanks: Not the usual

How predictable is it to post what I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving?  Very.  I know.  But so is eating turkey and stuffing and that doesn't stop me from pigging out on them once a year.

Of course, I am thankful beyond measure for the things that matter (family, friends, health, and home), but there are other things that have mattered a great deal to me this year, and now is the time to acknowledge them.   

I am thankful for:

  • The bright, supportive colleagues who helped me improve my manuscript The Goddess Lounge. 

  • My daughter's wonderful neurologist and our family's health insurance.

  • Netflix.

  • My sweet dog.

  • Susan Carrier's recipe for Nicoise Salad.  (See her blog: Open Mouth, Insert Fork.)


Susan C said...

What a nice surprise to see my name (and salad) mentioned in your post. I'm thankful for your chocolate cakes.

BTW, have you seen GenderAnalyzer (genderalalyzer.com)? It determines if a site is written by a man or woman. Cancer Banter came out "gender neutral, " but Open Mouth was deemed a little more girly (64%). Just for fun I put in your site, and it decided that it was written by a male. Must be the antics of all those bellicose gods and goddesses.

Hmmmm. . . .Just tried it again and now you're a 78% woman. Must be all that gratitude.

altadenahiker said...

And we're grateful for you, Margaret. This said by a 71% woman, who, according to my word verification, is going to the promm.

Margaret said...

Wow. I wonder what that GenderAnalyzer looks at because I really see this as sort of a feminist, female-centered blog. I have goddesses of the week, I use words like misogyny, I talk about homework and hating math. What more does it want? I'm going to check the Genderanalyzer out. And Altadena Hiker, at least someone asked you to the prom. Alas, always the bridesmaid...