The glory of gem sweaters

Here's a call out to Pasadenaadjacent (see my blog roll) for helping me find peace -- at last -- about my tragic childhood encounter with a thrift store sweater.  Who can dwell on such a sad tale when the be-dazzled sweater girl creates not only gem sweaters, but sings about them as well.  See her tribute song to make your day infinitely better:  http://www.atom.com/funny_videos/leslie_gem_sweater/


Kathy H said...

OMG - that's AWESoME!! My kids are supposed to attend an "ugly sweater" event at church tomorrow night, so perhaps this will inspire them to see beauty in everything. :)

Margaret said...

Isn't that hysterical? I hope they are inspired. I love the idea of an ugly sweater event.

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

Did you ever find the original site? Thats the one I'm looking for (saw a very small version of it) she takes a position and holds it while she displays what must be a 100 different gem sweaters. I have friends who went to a concert of hers. Pretty heddy stuff for a girl from Iowa
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