Goddess of the Week: Holda

Getting ready for Santa Claus? Thank Holda. This Teutonic goddess, depicted as a gorgeous blond in a flowing red and white gown, governed many realms. It all depended upon who you asked and where you asked them. She was known variously as goddess of the

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weather, goddess of winter, goddess of wealth and prosperity, and the goddess of generosity.

She flew through the night on December 24th, which was known as Mother Night, bringing gifts and happiness to all she encountered. She was especially fond of children and was known to drop down chimneys and bring them presents.

To thank Holda for her generosity, people often left milk and food out for her on her special night of gift giving.

Now doesn't this sound familiar?

Channel this goddess when: Aren't you channeling her already? Or are you one of those smarty pants who's already finished her Christmas shopping. Ho, ho, ho.

Need a goddess? Of course you do! Leave me a comment telling me what you need her for and I'll see what I can do.


Cafe Observer said...

Yes, agreed - this does sound vetty familiar.
I think I saw THEM yesterday for brunch as a matter of fact.

altadenahiker said...

I like these lessons. Keep going.

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

I thought Santa Clauses' heritage was strictly male. That giving things seems very female to me (not wishing to appear sexist). I like her name "Holda". Now I shall go about following her/your link.