Clearly, what I'm missing is bacon

Alas, I now realize that my 10,000 hour plan to becoming a networking goddess will come to naught.  It's not baconcentric enough.  

The New York Times reports that a team of crazy barbecue dudes not only came up with a way to combine bacon, sausage and barbecue sauce into a torpedo-looking delicacy, but they also found a way to make it an internet sensation by using Twitter, social networking sites and something called Stumbleupon.  (Do you all know about Stumbleupon?  Have you been hiding it from me because I've never even heard of it.)  The crazy barbecue dudes posted their recipe on Christmas Day and within two days they had 27,000 hits.   

All I have is a fabulous unpublished novel.  They have bacon.  



Cafe Observer said...

Yes, MF, I've heard of stumbleupon. I can't recall exactly how i stumbled upon it but I did. This dog wasn't impressed.

All I can say is that you can depend on us dogs to check out the bacon & sausage before we ever check out a book to read.

You may want to begin your research on another book: Get Rich Quick Marketing for Writers.

Now, i think my big nose is smelling something good....

Susan C said...

Margaret, Have you learned nothing?

Your labels are "blogging, Goddess Lounge, internet, writing."

They should be "bacon, sausage, fat, meat, carnivore."

Gotta go. I have to come up with a meat tweet.

Margaret said...

Susan: You're right! I've learned nothing. Agggghhhhh!

Palm Axis said...

I'm over at Pasadena Adjacent now

Susan's got a point. My experience is thus, I used a particular variation on the noun "cat" in a post title (about a malaysian tiger at the San Diego zoo) it's my most googled post...(and they're not looking for the zoo). I've chosen not to edit the title because I think perverts who visit my site deserve to be welcomed with a post dedicated to habitat conservation for animals.

altadenahiker said...

I can't top Susan. Except, be scientific about this. Use the labels Susan suggested and see what you get. A bunch of beer-bellied red necks reading about channeling their inner goddess.

(Ms H uses stumble.)

JCK said...

I don't have stumbleupon yet on my blog, but have been thinking about it. I'm slow to add these technical things...

Bacon is rather irresistable. Let's hope their sauce doesn't have the high fructose corn syrup with mercury....

A completed novel is no small feat!!

J&D said...

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livinbp87 said...

I just started this blogging so my say may be meaningless but I would take a "fabulous" unpublished novel over meat any day.

(ps if anyone has any advice about blogging please don't hesitate to let me know.)