Goddess of the Week: Durga

Ahhh...the warm glow of feeling connected to others, of feeling part of a larger whole.  Haven't the last twenty-four hours been wonderful?  Surely, the Hindu goddess Durga must have something to do with it.

Durga is both a warrier goddess and a goddess of compassion.  She feels her people's pain and is always ready to fight on their behalf.  She was created by the combined energy of all the other Hindu gods and goddesses when a fierce and unstoppable demon -- Mahisharsura --became bent on destroying the world.  Even the gods couldn't stop him, but the energy of their combined outrage created Durga.  Durga and Mahisharsura battled for days, but each time Durga would slay Mahisharsura, he would turn into another creature and battle her again.  He turned from demon to dragon to man, and on it went.  Durga never lost her patience or cool, and ultimately, she triumphed.  

Because she has a little bit of all the gods and goddesses in her, she has a wide array of talents and tools.  She has three eyes, ten arms, and all kinds of weapons.  She rides either a lion or a tiger depending upon her mood.  She represents all of the gods and is thus a symbol of strength through unity.  

Channel this goddess when:  You are feeling fragmented or overwhelmed.  Like Durga, you have everything you need right now.  It's right inside of you.  All your different identities add up to one fabulous, unstoppable whole.  


Cafe Observer said...

Yes, MF, the warm feeling of connection! And, de occasional warmer feeling of wanting to disconnect.

Now, who was it I just saw 2day which reminded me of this goddess?

You created cool warmth from this posting.

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

Goodness, I could use a whole lot of Durga right now. Durga or Ritalin, they're one in the same aren't they? Besides, the woman rides a tiger. A sure way into my good graces. I've got a sort of goddess (someone I admire) post at the ready for Friday.

p.s. I love the comments you leave on my blog: uber witty

altadenahiker said...

I like everything about this goddess but the name.

Margaret said...

MF: Yes, I guess when one gets steamed one does usually want to disconnect. Good point.

PA: I could use a whole lot of Durga most of the time. I look forward to your Friday post. Sounds like a good one.

AH: Maybe Durga sounds more beautiful and divine in Hindi. What would be a better western name? Maybe we should take PA's cue and call her Ritalinia.

Cafe Observer said...

Sounds like we should change the name from Durga to something more tolerable like...Karin.

On 2nd thought!

Petrea said...

I like her, she sounds like my kind of goddess. One must maintain patience and cool in order to triumph. That's what I want to channel. Sometimes. Other times I want to ride the tiger.

Cafe Observer said...

Just no riding the dog here, ok!

Petrea said...

I just went back and read your Salon piece again, Margaret. It's even better the second time around. Makes me want to share all my similar stories with you. Perhaps I'll try to write them someday, if the siblings permit.

altadenahiker said...

Your Salon publication: Of course you know why you keep writing. Very, very moving piece. I'll link it on my site again, when I'm not talking about rats. Though he was one of those.

Margaret said...

Thanks for reading my essay. It was such a long time ago that I wrote it. You know, I don't think my dad was a rat. I think he did the best he could. I think he thought he was doing the right thing, which is just sad.

Petrea said...

People aren't born mean. But it's tough to forgive a violent parent, not everyone's able to do it. Worth it, though. I think it makes you better, heals you.

altadenahiker said...

Jumped the gun on me, Petrea. Because I was going to say something different. I don't think he did the best he could. Clearly he didn't. He gave in to temper and took out frustration by causing pain to those physically weaker than himself. Margaret was spiritually stronger than the unhappiness he tried to spread. Which makes her very strong, indeed.

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