Can you find the bacon?

Petrea and Mr. Earl: They are clever, clever people.  They've brought the Great Bacon Caper to an entirely new level.  What shall I do?  I'm beginning to feel the heavy weight of responsibility.  Sigh.  


Petrea said...

Margaret, you unleashed the competitor in all of us. (Well, some of us.) But we are good people. (They're good. I try.) You'll do what you believe is right and we will live with the consequences. (I speak only for myself. I don't know what the others will do.)

Laurie said...

I love this competition! Have nothing to add after all that brilliance. (And a photo of bacon as lubricant might upset people...)


altadenahiker said...

I have until tomorrow evening, right Margaret? I have my pictures now.

Margaret said...

Laurie: so glad you're here, and yes, such a photo does sound disturbing.

AH: You have until tomorrow. Can't wait.

Susan C said...

That Bristol Farms bacon would make a mighty fine BLAT.

Palm Axis said...

I'm over at Pasadena Adjacent

I've jumped into the pig stye too. Actually I went in yesterday afternoon. Pork sleeps in late on the weekend.

Cafe Observer said...

When is this competition of pigs & bacon over?

J&D said...

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