What I learned in The Great Bacon Caper

1. Bloggers are competitive.  Even vegetarians will blog about bacon if offered a prize.
2. There is no goddess of bacon.  I had to make one up.  
3. Judgers of blogging competitions must be very sure of themselves and not at all wishy-washy. 
4. I am not a good judge.  Choosing a winner was very stressful.  Next time I'm going to make Paula Abdul judge.  


Susan C said...

It's especially funny to get an entry from a vegetarian when the prize is bacon.

You've discovered why most bloggers use the random integer selector to pick a winner. You would have assigned each entry a number and then let the random integer selector pick the winner.

Linda Dove said...

Well, I, for one, am very glad that Paula Abdul was not the judge. I don't think I quite have her...er...skill sets.

Margaret said...

Susan: What is this thing called random integer selector? Sounds very mathy.

Linda: But you do have other wonderful skills. And I'm glad you entered the contest and showed us your delightful poem.

Desiree said...

Re "choosing a winner was rather stressful"
Why does life insist on teaching us lessons we'd prefer went unlearned?

Cafe Observer said...

MF, I'm not surprised by your choice of winner from a literary judge as yourself. Now, if you had a dog hungry judge, me as an example, they probably would have chosen differently - especially in this economy.

I can hardly wait for your next competition! What about a dog bone or pie eatin contest?

Petrea said...

See? Pie eatin'. That's totally objective. Either the pie gets et or it doesn't. Easy to pick that winner.

I want to know about that random integer selector, too. We have a saying in our house that goes like this: "I don't know the answer, but I know where to look." (hint: Google.)

I think Paula Abdul would have made a perfectly good judge of pork. But you did an excellent job, Margaret.

Petrea said...

Oh god, everything I say comes out wrong. I don't mean you judged pork, or that you're a good judge of pigs! God. I can't say anything right.

Margaret! It was a lovely contest! I haven't had this much fun with a post in ages. I giggled with glee for days. I wish you could see my face and hear my voice in my comment, but it will have to wait until Friday. I hope you'll be at IWOSC so I can thank you in person for all the fun I had.

Margaret said...

Petrea: I took no offense, and everything you say makes me smile. I had great fun too, and I think we must do this again sometime. Alas, I cannot come on Friday. We have promised to take the children to Disneyland, a celebration for the removal of braces. Give my best to everyone.

altadenahiker said...

Did you achieve your goal of 2K hits?

Margaret said...

AH: I learned that even a contest is not as appealing to people as Bacon Explosion, but the last few days of the contest my numbers did double. Now they are back to normal, which is fine. I very much like the discriminating readers I do have.

Petrea said...

My numbers stayed the same, even with Bacon all over the post. Did anyone else check?

Susan C said...

Margaret and Petrea,
Here's the link to the random integer selector. http://www.random.org/integers/

In your case you would put "1" in the box for the number of random integers to generate.

Then type in the range of numbers, such as 1 to 12.

Then request the format in 1 column.

The random number generated was 2, which means I'm the winner.

Anonymous said...

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