Wise Women Friday: Gloria Steinham

Words of wisdom from pioneering feminist Gloria Steinham: 

We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs.  

I hardly ever use my checkbook anymore.  I'm more of a VISA gal.  Here are the last five things on my statement: 

  1. Vons
  2. Chevron
  3. Pavilions
  4. Trader Joe's
  5. Kaiser Permanente

Pretty boring, huh?  I'm almost ashamed to be seen with me.  Where's the color and dash?  Where's the dramatic disclosure?  I've got nothing, except, apparently, a lot groceries.  What's on your statement and what does it say about you? 


Desiree said...

Reality? Sheesh, who needs it?
I prefer, like Emily Dickenson, to dwell in the realm of possibility.
Here are my last four:

(That Van Gogh was IRRESISTIBLE!)
1708-Best Fares tix to Lima, Peru
1707--I can't read my notes here. Is that to Save the Children, or to Paco the pool boy for services rendered?

Margaret said...
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Margaret said...

Desiree: You're right! What was I thinking. I've updated my blog with the right list. Can you imagine, I was looking at the wrong credit card.

Petrea said...

Ha ha, Desiree! That's a hoot.

We have one card for business expenses so we can deduct the interest, and one card for personal expenses. We've been trying not to use either. On the personal card, I charged a membership to Gold's Gym several months ago but there's been nothing since. (And yes, I go to the gym.)

The business card's not all that interesting, as you can imagine. Office supplies. Lunch with my agent. And world travel, for meetings with fellow City Daily Photo bloggers when the need arises.

Palm Axis said...

over with Pasadena Adjacent

Much to most peoples horror, I don't record my checks but I prefer writing them as opposed to using my Visa. I do write them in cursive though.

JCK said...

Mine looks very similar.

All Saints
Trader Joe's
Blue Cross
Rubio Canon Land & Water
Trader Joe's

Paula L. Johnson said...

Your last five things are my last five things! Are we living the same life?

Well, except that my two kids are dogs.

Margaret said...

Paula: Sometimes I wish my kids were dogs. Does that count?

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