Goddess of the Week: Arianrhod, Keeper of Time

Time: it is slipping through my fingers.  It is racing like a rocket and passing faster every year until I can barely stop to catch my breath, until I am jagged and tired and reaching for my pillow after a day that seems to have passed without my knowing but a shadow of what has happened.  

How did this happen?  I remember when days seemed liked years. I remember when the night before Christmas lasted an eternity and when hours of bored nothingness seemed like ocean journeys to the end of the world.  Now, I blink and I'm a year older.  I look away, and when I return my gaze my children have grown inches.  And what is a day but an endless to do list, a marathon of chores and errands and carpets that don't get vacuumed?

What I need -- what we need -- is a little kindness from Arianrhod, the Celtic moon goddess, keeper of the ever-spinning, never-ceasing Silver Wheel of the Stars.  The Silver Wheel of the Stars is the wheel of the year.  It controls the time-space continuum, making seasons seem like eons for ten-year-olds and heartbeats for forty-year-olds.  If Arianrhod could just, would just, put one finger on her wheel, if she could just apply the smallest amount of friction....Well, I think I would finish one more thing on that list.  And I would take those precious minutes and I would sit in the sun and listen to the wind, and I would make time stand still for at least a little while.   


barbra said...

Every year, Arianrhod spins that wheel a little faster.

I need her to slow it down a hair. Or at least no more speeding it up!

Kate said...

But with friction that's all the longer parents of six year olds have to hear, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Susan C said...

So true about the wheel spinning faster every year.

I recently trid to console an 8-year-old girl with, "But you'll get to do it next year." She burst into tears. That was like saying to her, "You'll get to do it in another life."

Linda Dove said...

She is a new name for me!

I have long thought that out of all the possible lessons to try to pass down to young people, this is The One I would choose. My father used to refer to "glumps" of time when I was a kid, and I never really understood it until I woke up on the other side of a glump and knew all too well the way time keens and leapfrogs and goes missing.

Margaret said...

Kate: You have a point. I guess what we all need is our own wheel so that we can apply the friction when we need it.

Margaret said...

Linda: Love the concept of a glump. I think I'll adopt it.

Cafe Pasadena said...

I shoulda warned you, MF: those picnics with these area blogger's will do that to a person. They're no picnic in the park!

At the end of your day, you're left dazed & bewildered, philosophizing & blog posting about time & nothingness. Just realize it only means you've Met The Blogger's.

A couple of daze & you'll be ok again.

pasadenapio said...

It was fun to see you on Saturday and put the magnet in good hands! I have some photos on my blog.

altadenahiker said...

Take care of that finger. I'm wrapping mine with 3M automotive acrylic-plus attachment tape.

Do check out pasadenapio -- sometimes the future looks mighty nice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, time does whiz by.

How funny to see the name Arianrhod. Such a good Welsh name. Not that I have ever met an Arianrhod. My daughter always tells me her name is TOO welsh (it is Angharad) but she should be glad I did not choose Arianrhod!

Margaret said...

RB: Those Welsh names scare me. I don't know where to begin when pronouncing them.

Cafe Pasadena said...

MF, does your dog visit the vet on Fremont?

Anonymous said...

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