Goddess of the Week: Iris

In honor of our dying daily newspapers, I give you the Greek goddess Iris.

Iris was a messenger of the gods.  She traveled from Mount Olympus on her trademark rainbow bringing news to the masses.  She was most famous for falling in love with a hunky mortal.  She asked Zeus to let hunky man live forever, but she forgot to ask Zeus to give hunky man the gift of eternal youth.  So hunky man kept getting older and older, while Iris stayed eternally young and beautiful.  Hunky man kept shrinking and shrinking, as the old tend to do, and eventually he turned into a cricket.  By then, Iris was pretty much glad to be rid of him.  She could be that way.  

But today I want to emphasize Iris's messenger role.  The news of the day is that Iris is turning in her newspaper delivery van for a Twitter account.  And, of course, if you don't need the van, you don't really need the papers.  So...the Rocky Mountain News, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times: It they're not dead, they're quickly becoming crickets.  Shush!  If you listen, you might hear them squeak.  

Alas, Iris has moved on.  She can be that way.  

(R.I.P: The California Section of the LA Times.  Died: March, 3, 2009)


Linda Dove said...

Oooh, I knew about the others, but I hadn't heard about the California section. That makes me--*squeak*--sad.

Cafe Pasadena said...

It's amazing the power we blogger's had over the establishment corporate newspapers. We who did this just for the love of it. These are definitely the dog days!

I enjoy this latest message from you, Goddess MF, the messenger of the goddesses.

Desiree said...

a) okay, I'm sure I could google it, but who, who, who is the hunky man?!
b) she really is a foresightful lass, with this twitter business and
c) Change. Ugh. I hate it.

altadenahiker said...

Hunky man looked like Rafa Nadal, perhaps? I love the sound a cricket makes.

By the way, I imagine you got the same email I did. And while the LAT is not doing well, I don't think there's any danger of a quick fold, not when they still have over a million Sunday subscribers.

Margaret said...

Desiree: My children have absconded with my book. I'll get back to you with the name.

AH: I don't think there will be a quick fold either. I think it willl be more the cricket route. The LA Times will just get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller....

Cafe Pasadena said...

I blame de Hiker for the demise of de Times! They miss her so badly. About the only hiring they're doing now would be for her. I miss her funny "behind the Times" articles...I think.

Palm Axis said...

Pasadena Adjacent

I buy the Times. Before that I bought the Herald Examiner. I don't want my news coming to me on line. It will be like falling down a rabbit hole to try to figure it out.
Iris is my favorite flower (the German variety)

pasadenapio said...

The whole turn of events with print media has left me terminally sad.

J&D said...

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