Goddess of the week: Nemesis

How are you feeling about the AIG bonus scandal?  Are you irate?  Do you want revenge?  Are you one of the letter writers AIG CEO Edward M. Liddy told congress about last week?  Did you really threaten death by piano wire?  Or did you, like Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, just want the AIG executives to all go out and kill themselves?

If so, you are are clearly under the influence of Nemesis, the Greek goddess of retribution.  A sister of the Fates, Nemesis is one tough cookie, but I wouldn't call her evil.  In her way, she is quite just.  There are only two things that piss Nemesis off: hubris and lack of equilibrium.

She definitely hates hubris, especially hubris that is the result of undeserved good fortune, which is why she's out to get those AIG bastards.  Run a company into the ground and still get extravagant bonuses?  Nemesis doesn't think so. 

Nemesis also hates lack of equilibrium, which, frankly, is why she visits all of us from time to time.  Sigh.  If she sees you being too happy for too long?  Wham!!  It's over.  She'll pull that rug right out from under you.  But she doesn't want you only to suffer either.  So, the good news is, just when things really get rotten she's likely to throw you a bone.  It's all supposed to keep us humble and to remind us how little control we have over life and its circumstances.  

Your best move?  Lay low.  Don't make too big a deal over your luck or success.  That great refinancing rate you've just locked in?  I wouldn't Twitter about it.  Not your issue?  Are you just hoping your COBRA plan doesn't run out too soon?  Take heart.  Maybe Nemesis will be feeling generous when she passes your way.  Then again, maybe not.  So be humble.  Remember: be humble.

Channel this goddess:  Do you really need to own this?  Why not leave these sorts of things in Nemesis's hands.  She'll handle it.  Guaranteed.  You?  Go meditate.  Plant a garden.  Make soup.  Be humble.  


Lynne said...

Nemesis and the Friday Wise Women seem at odds with each other. I think Princess Leah would tell Nemesis not to drink poison and then wait for the other person to die. Maybe that's why Nemesis was always pissed at Princess Leah.

altadenahiker said...

I had some Enron, and didn't whine. I chalked it up -- is it chocked? chaulked? -- anyway, it was greed; theirs and mine.

Cafe Pasadena said...

AIG? Actually, I'm more upset with the politicians/bureacrats who allowed this happen. These are our "best & bright" - NOT!!

Just more smoking & mirroring, demagoguery, from the hell-raisers down in DC. It's all just a game they are playing with we the non-elite masses. Any more of these dirty tricks and we the people will become cynical & not even want to vote much.

Thank God I'm a K9, not a part of that other species.

Petrea said...

I made soup the other day! Oops. Shouldn't crow about it.

Desiree said...

I feel SUCH affinity for dear, sweet, kind misunderstood Nemesis. She certainly puts a spring in my step.

Margaret said...

Lynne: You're right. Goddesses are not always wise, but they are working stiffs and they have their jobs to do. Poor Princess Leia. She can never catch a break.

AH: You are definitely wise, and definitely not a whiner.

CP: K9s rule. Obviously.

Petrea: Shhh. Nemesis might be listening.

Dez: You are definitely a goddess.

Palm Axis said...

Is Vendetta a goddess?

JCK said...

It's just that Nemesis shows up when you least expect...or want her.

Anonymous said...

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