Wise Women Friday (a bit late): Carrie Fisher

Words of wisdom from Princess Leia: 

Cry all you want; you'll pee less.

Back in my century, Big Girls did not cry, and I was a "big" girl -- plump as a pickle, but that's a different story -- so I did not cry.  For probably thirty years I did not cry.  

But this is a new and improved century.  We bring our own bags to grocery stores.  We worry about polar bears.  We acknowledge feelings and pain and personal crises and emotional losses and the horror of bad hair days.  So we all get to cry, big and small alike.  

It may be premenopausal, but some days I feel like all I do is cry.  It's not so bad really.  It's very cathartic and seems very noble and sincere, and, if I pee less in a day then that's one more time I can stick Marley and Me in the DVD player.  (The dog dies!  It fucking dies I tell you!)  Has anybody got a Kleenex?


Petrea said...

Just wait until perimenopause is over and you're in the throes of menopause. You can cry all day and still pee every five minutes!

Jean Spitzer said...

Post menopause rocks. (I offered this observation to my gynecologist; she cracked up.) But, it does.

Vanda said...

Stay away from Old Yeller.

Cafe Pasadena said...

At least you guys don't have to worry about womenopause.

How much of this wisdom do you follow, MF?

JCK said...

I could use a good cry about now.

Lynne said...

Wait, did Princess Leia really say that, or just Carrie Fisher?

You just have to watch Marley and Me until you are desensitized to it. When Kate was little she liked them movie called Homeward Bound, about two dogs and a cat that don't die, but it made cry the first 7-8 times and then finally I became immune.

By the way, are you writing from your tent?

Shell Sherree said...

Two things:

1. Hahahahahaha! Love the peeing tip. Where was that when I needed it during the first Lord of the Rings movie. I didn't want to cry but I could have squeezed some tears out if it had helped ease the need to pee that struck one hour in!

2. Thanks for the heads up about Marley & Me. No way am I going to watch that. No way!

{And I swear, my word verification is dogenexp ... dog and next pee?}

altadenahiker said...

Didn't you know that's the rule whenever an animal name is in the title? (Except The Black Stallion, thank god.)

Anonymous said...

What about Flipper the Movie" ? that might of had a happy ending if anyone had bothered to watch it.

Margaret said...

Petrea: Too funny. Wow! I just can't wait!

Jean: I hope you are right.

Vanda: That and Where the Red Fern Grows

Pup: I am much better at dispensing wise words, than following them.

JCK: Well, you'll pee less, so go ahead.

Lynne: Carrie Fisher says this in her memoir, "Wishful Drinking." Don't get me started on Homeward Bound. My kids love it, and it gets me everytime. Regarding the tent, alas, there was a last minute change of plan and we stayed home.

Margaret said...

AH: The rule is new to me. I will always remember it.

PA: Before I was a "big girl" the TV show Flipper did make me cry. I'd completely forgotten about that. In the movie, poor Flipper doesn't end up in a tuna can, I hope.

Susan C said...

I love to cry. I think I'm overdue for some waterworks.

A few years ago I was at a Pasadena restaurant and started retelling the story of a 12-year-old boy who was being tried as an adult for murder. I started crying so hard that I was hyperventilating. My unworthy dinner companion (to borrow your phrase) threatened to leave if I didn't stop crying.

Desiree said...

I dunno. I train teachers and still have to tell them not to cry in front of their administrators or students! Old school, I guess.

Margaret said...

Shell: OMG! The Lord of the Rings did me in too. I had to pee and kept thinking, "well, this is the big fight scene so the movie must be wrapping up." This went on for another hour an a half.

Susan: I do find that although I am much more comfortable crying at the drop of a hat, the people around me are often terrified of my tears.

Dez: I guess there are some people you don't want to see cry. You don't want your teachers to cry or your doctors or your lawyers. Others?

Laurie said...

When I was pregnant, I cried at the drop of a hat. I cried at TV commercials -- and not just the ones that try to make you cry, nope, I also cried over the Jack in the Box guy and the people in Levitra ads. Ack!

If menopause is worse than that... good grief.

I love this post, Margaret.

Bec said...

Great one (as usual). The other day when my daughter kept standing up in the cart and then took my grocery list which promptly disappeared I asked her, "Do you want to make Mommy cry in Trader Joe's?" She laughed and kept saying "Mommy cry. Trader Joes. Mommy cry. Trader Joes."

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