Wise Women Friday: Dorothy Parker

Words of Wisdom from American writer Dorothy Parker (1893-1967):

Prince, a precept I'd leave for
Coined in Eden, existing yet:
Skirt the parlor, and shun the 
     zoo --
Women and elephants never 

Five things I have not forgotten:
1. In third grade, I slugged a boy for making first graders push him on the merry-go-round.  He slugged me back and made me cry.
2. In fifth grade, I slugged a boy because he wouldn't let anyone else on the climbing structure.  He slugged me back and made me cry.  He never returned to school.
3. In high school, this mean girl named Kris got to be a cheerleader even though she didn't have the grades.  She was really mean, venomously mean, but I later learned that she spent a lot of time trying to rescue injured wildlife.  
4. In high school, I was the lead in a play and this boy Brad Abernathy was quoted in our school newspaper as saying "it was a pleasure working with such talented performers as Margaret."  Those were his exact words.  EXACT WORDS.  
5. In college, this guy named Steve called me a "trussle head," thus insulting my hair.  I later married him.  But I haven't forgotten.  


Lynne said...

First, trussel head??? What does that mean? Are trussels good or bad? Does he call Mary a trussel head since she has our hair? I always thought you had great hair. It matters little since you can buy the hair you want pretty easily. You got the Bopp nose and that is something you cannot buy.

Second, you remember punching two kids but you don't remember when I gave you a black eye because you changed the radio station!

I remember that quote by Brad Abernathy too. Also, I remember the beginning to your monologue from 8th grade, "Harvey and I sit in the bar and we have a drink or two. Soon the faces of the others turn towards us. They are thinking...." Sadly though, I often forget my own zip code.

Margaret said...

Well, this is really unfair because you remember everything. And nope. No memory of the black eye. Regarding Trussle head. Here's the thing: I had Italian and then aerobic and then I showered. Because -- duh -- why shower before the aerobics. But I guess my hair was always messy and I would always pass Steve and this other guy on my way to aerobics and they would see my messy hair. But I must stop now. Some memories are too painful to re-live.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Hmmm, MF, troublemakers in your life you slugged (#1 & 2), #3 you hated cuz she became a cheerleader while being the queen of meanness, and #5 you even married!

One can only wonder what your response was to #4's "pleasure" compliment. Is he around, still in your life somewhere?

btw, you DO have good hair.

pasadenapio said...

Three years ago Tom Coston and I vacationed in New York City and had dinner at the Algonquin Hotel, home of the famous Vicious Circle led by Dorothy Parker.

What a thrill to see the iconic round table still set up, including place cards, for all members of that illustrious group.

It was a grand experience I shall never forget!

Shell Sherree said...

A bit of forgetfulness is quite refreshing once in a while ... not that I remember much about it.

Lynne said...

I don't remember everything. Clearly I intentionally block the ending of books when I don't approve of a characters death. I had know memory of Gatsby's death (read it at least 6 times), Lord of the Flies kids, Beth (Little Women), and the last Harry Potter within one year had blocked out every death but one. I was shocked all over again when I re-read it.

But I do remember that I made you a pretty dress and to pay me for my service you were to wash my car. Half way thru the car wash Steve called you and you went in to take the call. The car was was never completed. With interest I believe you owe me your first child and 15 car washes. Never under estimate the memory of a sister!

altadenahiker said...

I am sister to the rain. Fey and sudden and unholy

Sorry, that's the only DP quote I know that has "sister" in it

(You know how WV is very scary? Mine is Prehor)

Linda Dove said...

I think we're ALL sisters to the rain, right now, whether we want to be or not....

Love DP.

Margaret said...

Pup: I didn't hate that the mean girl because she got to be a cheerleader. I hated that the rules were bent for someone so undeserving.

PPIO: That sound like a great trip.

Shell:...Um I don't remember what I was going to say.

Lynne: HA! You can have BOTH my children and a book of car wash coupons.

AH: I'd rather have prehor than be described as eating like a horse.

Linda: Of course, you are right. And DP is darn clever; I love her too.

Margaret said...

NOTE: I have been asked to clarify. Apparently, I wasn't CALLED a Trussle Head. I was told I HAD a trussle head.

Lynne said...

Okay, I have never heard of "trussel head" before so I looked it up. There is no trussel in my dictionary but there is truss or trussing. After reading the definition it seems that Steve was implying that your hair was in a pony tail, thus bound together. Not even a little insulting! He must have been impressed with your pony tail, that's all!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Pony tail? Well, then that explains - uh, never mind...

Lynne, do you have a blog? If not, it certainly sounds like you should have one! I'm sure MF would assist you, 1 way or another, in getting you on the blogosphere. For some reason, I think you have some interesting things to type. (That's just my K9 intuition)

btw, my car needs a good washing at the moment too.

Desiree said...

So funny---

pasadenaadjacent said...

faranI wikeed-up Dotty and discovered she was kicked out of catholic school for referring to the immaculate conception as spontaneous combustion.

I'm impressed that you slugged boys. My revenge (besides doing something painfully unmentionable with glue and glitter) is to bring up my pasts unusual "name" followed by rat bastard. It gives me great pleasure to know that search engines have led him to my blog.

Jean Spitzer said...

I"m just enjoying your post and also all the comments that follow. And I'm glad you got some clarity on trussle head.

Petrea said...

I looked up "trussle," too. No luck. But I like to think of it as one of those ponytails on the top of the head.

Like PA, I'm impressed that you slugged boys. I know it's not good behavior but I wish I'd done it a few times.

Desiree said...

But of course, my favorite Dorothy Parker quote refers to martinis and her host

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