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Ack! I've been tagged. Is it contagious? Stacey at the fabulous Entropified challenges me to say ten things I love.

Hmmm. Must try and impress you with my unique and charming ways. The only problem is that you probably already know my unique and charming ways. They are in limited supply, after all. What don't you know? Maybe that I love:

1. Mondays, when all my beloveds go back to work and school and leave me in peace.

2. Clogs. They're just so darn comfortable, and they have their own dance!

3. Dafodils. Have you seen a more resilient flower? Rain smacks them down. Out comes the sun and -- pop -- they're straight as flag poles.

4. People who intuitively recognize the unique genius of my children. Diamonds in the rough, people. Diamonds in the rough. If you can't see that you're blind.

5. Pajamagrams. Psych! Got one for Valentine's Day, thank you very much.

6. Soup in the winter. Salad in the summer. Enough said.

7. People who make me laugh. Like her and her.

8. Scripps College. My wonderful alma mater. Almost everything good in my adult life took root there.

9. Rescue dogs. They are dogs that you rescue and -- sniff -- who always end up rescuing you.

10. My marriage. I got lucky. (See 5 and 8.)

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altadenahiker said...

Your husband will be very happy to hear that in the race with Ewan's butt, he won by a nose.

Stacey Smith said...

You even put in links. I knew you would.

Clogging - awesome.

Joanne said...

Love your unique and charming list :)

Cafe Pasadena said...

I'm glad you don't love baked goods, pastries, dessert, writing, and other things dangerous to health, etc. I never bot that line for a second.

Desiree said...

wv: pingly
I think that sums it all up--

... daisy... said...

1. Fridays when the office closes! :DDD

2. black jeans… they make me look skinnier… which is not good to say as I sound obsessed with my weight which I’m not… but who cares! :DDD

3. converse or boots… with skirts… (God I’ll go shopping!)

4. My friends (all of them… even the virtual ones…) because there is always someone cheering me up or talking to me! I hate being lonely!

5. Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

6. SPRINGGGGGG even if I’m sneezing like crazy! I just love everything of it!

7. Love (why did I put it on rank 7??? No idea… it just came up to my mind right now!)

8. Silence… sometimes… I just need it!

9. CATS!

10. My car: Teresa!

Olga said...

What about Humboldt Fog, which you would have me believe is...cheese?

Deb said...

What a fun list. I've seen these before and it starts me thinking about what my list would be...I think and think...maybe too much! Somehow I imagine you being presented with this idea, sitting down and the words instantly shooting out of your brain, out through your fingertips and there you have it - a delightful list that is sweet and funny and insightful. :o)

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Dafodils, pansies and snapdragons are flowers with faces.

Me too. Love the Claremont college grounds. My weekend "cross town flights of fancy" destination. Walter's bowlawnies with chutney..yum

Agreed on clogs. Can't pass a Ross without picking up a pair (I studied clogging)

Daisy said...

The "other" Daisy's list of her car reminded me that I haven't found a name for mine yet. This is the first time I've been so neglegent. Is there a goddess for Toyota Yaris?

Liked your list ... but no chocolate???

Shell Sherree said...

Clogs are de rigueur again, Margaret. But you already knew that, didn't you. I love your list.

... daisy... said...

Hey Daisy! I love Toyota Yaris... mine is a Renault Clio lime green so it had to be a particular name! ;-)

Petrea said...

I love your list. Like others, it makes me think of mine. Counting blessings is good practice.

Cafe Pasadena said...

After righting about your writing, MF, I wood've thought I'd bee included in your Top 10 List!