Goddess of the Week: Fides

Green turtles, Chelonia mydas in Tide pool in KonaImage via WikipediaPasadena Adjacent needs a goddess for rebuilding trust. She needs Fides, the Roman goddess of trust.

Mostly, Fides represented public trust. Her temple was built on the Capitol, where the Roman Senate signed treaties and documents. Fides was supposed to make sure that people could have faith in the signers and that the signers could have faith in each other. Her priests wore gloves and they were really into turtles. Go figure.

Whether it comes to trusting Roman Senators or BFF's, however, I think we all know that trust is hard earned and easily lost. Take my friend Callae, who I love. One time she recommended this book. We'll just call it: The Book.

"Oh, I love The Book! The Book is so so good! Here! Read my copy of The Book," she said.

Friends, I cannot tell you how much I hated The Book. This was when I still felt compelled to finish every book I started. So even though I hated The Book, I kept reading the book, and I felt bitter and angry both at The Book and at Callae. For the life of me, I could not figure out how my friend could possibly think I would like The Book. Did she know me at all? I had TRUSTED her. I had BELIEVED in her. And she let me down. That's the way it is with trust. It's there, and then it's not, unless you do the hard work of rebuilding it. Am I ready to read something else Callae suggests? Hmmmmm. I'm not sure I can answer that.

So, PA, the question is, with or without Fides, are you ready to start rebuilding the bonds of trust between you and your friend with indiscriminate shopping sense? Are you ready to let her own Black Friday and Cyber Monday no matter what that means big-screen-TV wise? Can you go there? If so, channel Fides. If not, channel Fides anyway. Life is short, and we need all the friends we can get.

Channel Fides: When trust is necessary in both your personal and your public life and when misunderstandings interfere with the faith you have in others.

Need a goddess: What are you waiting for? Post a comment detailing your need. I'll see what I can do. It's free people! Free!
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Olga said...

I believe it is about time for Fides to pack her bags and head on over to Washington, D.C. She needs to give folks in the Senate, the House, and the White House a good talking to.

Jean Spitzer said...

Oh, dear. Trust even when betrayed? Maybe keep the friend, but go easy on the trust.

Word in the Hand said...

I think trust is like love - you either do it or you don't - it's not a halfway thing.
Turtles? I don't know - maybe because when they hibernate they have to trust that they will wake up again and that no-one will have made soup with them?

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Yes sister Margarett (palm to sky). Thank you! Thank you! Mary and I have already started the process of healing Tuesday. I allowed her to carry my pre-fired ceramics to the Kiln god and she passed the test. She even offered to dress me for the evenings event...for which I gave her the heavy sigh and the lets not go there look. Pearls and sensible shoes for me (check out my latest blog post)

btw: an interesting coincidence; I've been wearing a turtle around my neck for past ten years. Oh sure, I went off track briefly with that "cockroach" faze but I'm back to the tortoise...for the long haul

Joanne said...

The thing about good friends is that they're often worth a second chance. I hope PA tries to mend that trust and the friendship resumes, slow and steady, like the turtles.

Deb said...

Hey! I could be a priestess for Fides! I like gloves, love turtles!

Solid words on the issue of trust, Margaret. Thanks for the reminder.

Daisy said...

I presume "fidelity" comes from "Fides"? I don't know if it's related, but in creation stories of some Aboriginal Peoples, the earth is supported by turtle. Without turtle we would just sink back into the waters. Hmmmm.

Rois said...

I am with Olga! Amen to that!

And Daisy- That is a good thought and I say hmmmm as well.

Margaret- I once read a different copy of "The Book" but it was a massive tome of a thing and smack in the middle I was stuck in Rome for more pages than I felt I should skim through.I chucked the the book to the side and am no longer friends with the group who said "You gotta read this." Yup,if you can't trust your friends to suggest a good book why keep them?

altadenahiker said...

Oops, forget I ever mentioned Into the Silent Land and offered a description thereof. I take it back, I take it all back.

Desiree said...

Interesting, as always.
Trust is the root of Fide lity

Shell Sherree said...

So is Fido derived from Fides, I wonder? Seems a fitting moniker for puppy dogs.

Bellis said...

I lost two friends by recommending the movie "Gladiator" to them. After their shocked recrimination "How COULD you have made us go to that movie?" I have never dared speak to them again. I guess I loved the insight into Roman history and they just saw the gore.

I've just emptied my bookshelves of all the Book Club books that I really hated. Made me feel so good. Now I need to channel Fides.

Margaret said...

Olga: I was thinking that as I wrote.

Jean: You are right, of course, but I know that the betrayal foisted upon PA was more akin to me book story. I surprisingly display of different taste.

Word: Interesting theory about turtles. I'm curious about the origins of that symbol.

PA: Happy to oblige.

Deb: I thought of you when I read the turtle bit. I knew you'd like that.

Daisy: More interesting turtle lore. Love it.

Bellis: Well, gladitor is one of those love it or hate it movies. I have to say...it wasn't my favorite. But I won't hold it against you.

Susan Campisi said...

This is good stuff. Every time I visit your blog I feel better afterward. Thanks for spreading the goddess truth.

... daisy... said...

Trust... I wonder... once
you've lost it can you find it in some lost and found place or just buy it back somewhere? mmmmmm