Goddess of the Week: Durga

Goddess Durga, fighting Mahishasura, the buffa...Image via WikipediaDaisy asks for a goddess who can remove obstacles. I give her Durga, the great Hindu mother goddess.

Durga is way fierce. You don't want to get in her way. She has eight arms--sometimes ten, which is handy in the kitchen. In each hand she carries a weapon to kill the demons that confront her.

This one time, this buffalo demon guy came and threatened all the gods. Even the great gods Vishnu and Shiva were all scared and didn't know what to do. But Durga had total confidence.

She rode out to meet the demon and he charged her in all his buffalo glory.

She was all, "Oh, yeah, I'm really scared of a buffalo. Total yawn."

So he changed into a lion. With sushi-maker speed she chopped off his legs.

So he turned into an elephant.

Wham! Off came his trunk.

He threw mountains at her (with his tail maybe?). She walked right up and just sat on him. Then she thrust her spear into his chest and killed him.

In our multi-tasking lives, we may not face demons, but we face a ton of annoying, gnat-like obstacles. They throw themselves at us like desperate girls at a Justin Bieber concert. They hi-jack us. They trip us. Sometimes they even blind us to what we really care about and what we are driven to do. Durga reminds us that we must be tough. We must chop off the legs of the inessential tasks that slow us down. We must keep our eyes on the prize. We must find our way to the finish line.

Channel Durga: When obstacles overwhelm you. They will drag you down if you let them. Don't let them. Be Durga-strong. Be Durga-determined. You can do it.

Need a goddess: Let me find you one! Post a comment describing your need. I have yet to find a need for which I could not find a corresponding goddess. I totally I have you covered.

(P.S.: Daisy sweetly requested this goddess for me, and I want to thank her for that, but I want to share Durga with all of you).

(P.P.S: I have a new short story posted at a pretty cool website called Chamber Four. I like this story a lot. Check it out here. Leave a comment so they know you read it.)

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Word in the Hand said...

O I think I will be taking Durga to work with me tomorrow. Thank you

Jean Spitzer said...

Unfortunately, we probably all have times when eight-armed fierceness is called for. Fortunately, you found Durga.

Good pick, for a strong start for the new year.

Joanne said...

Does Durga do any hiring out? I'd like to hire her to whip up a batch of dinners for me with all those arms so that I don't have the obstacle of preparing dinners to interrupt my day!

Lori Webster said...

Ohhh....I think I could really use Durga right about now. She's one powerful goddess.....

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I bet we can find a link between modern day bull fighting and Durga

Petrea said...

I do like Joanne's cooking idea, but I'd want Durga to use a clean knife.

Seriously. I need to think of Durga when all the little junk on my desk distracts me from the real work.

Olga said...

Okay, so now I understand where the "tis but a flesh wound" wound in that Monty Python movie got its inspriation.

Daisy said...

Just in time! It's one of "those" weeks!

Margaret said...

Word: I'll take her with me too.

Jean: I thought this was a good start for the new year too.

Joanne: I do think she caters.

Olga: Yes! I hadn't thought of that.

And thanks to everyone who had time to read my story over at Chamber Four. I really appreciate your time, comments, and support.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Ah...words of wisdom on keeping your perspective for those annoying things that seem like obstacles!

~sigh~ I wish I had 8 hands! ;o)

Helen Ginger said...

This: "desperate girls at a Justin Bieber concert" had me laughing. I'm still chuckling. I used to like the Monkees. Never threw myself at them since I didn't go to a concert until college.

There are times I could use a Durga. Not often, thankfully. She'd certainly be good to have on hand though for those times when you think everything's running smoothly and you're unaware of the giant mountain about to appear in your path.

altadenahiker said...

Now I'm going to be thinking all day about what I could do with a couple extra pairs of hands.

Off to read your piece.

JCK said...

Love that Durga! We could all use her, I think. Great fierce start to the New Year.

I finally found out who that Bieber kid is...clueless. Saw a preview for his upcoming teen idol movie at the theater this weekend. Laughed at the folly.

Am off to read you! How exciting. Congrats!

Cafe Observer said...

My need fore a Goddess wood bee four baking tasty sweets. 4get it. I already know which Goddess that is: Margaret.

pasadenapio said...

All those arms and a weapon in each one -- that's what I call fierce! Don't mess with Goddess Durga.

Star said...

Boy, do I need Durga's help these days, she came just in time, thanks so much!

... daisy... said...

We should call Durga or try not to let obstacles get in our way... Love this post!

Margaret said...

Pup: I'm going to find you a baking goddess.

Susan Campisi said...

I could've used Durga's ferocity during escrow. I'll call on her for the next slew of obstacles, which are certainly just around the corner.