Goddess of the Week: Hera

Hera Campana. Marble, Roman copy of an helleni...Image via WikipediaJosie is getting married! So, of course, she needs a goddess. I've got the perfect one: the Greek goddess of marriage, Hera.

Now, hold onto your hats. Some of you are thinking: Hera? Isn't she the crazy gal who went around turning her husbands' many mistresses into farm animals. Yes! She was!

Am I suggesting that Josie may encounter problems with fidelity or feel a sudden yearning to start raising alpacas? No! I am not!

Hera totally has a bad rap. Some people think it's because she predates the Greek pantheon of gods and was, like, the most favored and worshipped of deities before, like, MEN took the whole worship business over and made Zeus top dog. And, of course, they couldn't make Zeus top dog until they made Hera look foolish, so people had to invent this whole jealousy thing and wrap her up in it.

So don't believe a word of the ancient propaganda, Josie. Hera was not some harpy. She was a goddess, and if you look at the ancient Greeks, you'll see that they loved her, especially in Crete and Samos, where they made her fantastic temples. Why? Because they knew that marriage was not just about the god. It was also about the goddess. She didn't stop being one just because she got married. She just got better jewelry and help with the housework. (You don't think Zeus did laundry? Believe me, Zeus did laundry. Gods do laundry. They also vacuum. If your husband doesn't, you should think about what you've signed on for.)

You take your Hera, Josie, and you be proud. And if the day comes when your Zeus is out there tangoing with some sow, you just remember that you were a goddess while Zeus was still playing with Tonka trucks. (I'm joking! It'll never happen! Your guy is perfect! I'm sure! You're a match made in Olympus! It'll be great! Live large and have a good time!)

Channel Hera: When you are getting married, of course. She's also good for childbirth, and 4-H clubs.

Need a goddess? I got goddesses. Post a comment identifying your need. Or give a goddess: Post a comment identifying the need of someone you know. I'll find what you need.
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... daisy... said...

Just lovely!!!! :-) hihihi though I'm not so into marriage I like this goddess!!!
Thanks for the comments. Yes I'm in a dark phase... sorry to creep you out, but he's a vampire... I'm very happy that you find the time and read my nonsense and I love your comments! Thanks :-)

Star said...

So much to say, so little space...Live your love to its fullest, don't waste a second, life is fragile, don't sweat the little stuff, choose to love (even when he makes you mad!), and see the wonderful "Raising Country kids blog" and my needlepoint diagram: http://arsacupicturaestellae.blogspot.com/2010/06/calling-all-ranchers-and-farmers-wives.html...all my best wishes

Jean Spitzer said...

Wow, getting married! All the best to Josie.

WritingNut said...

Ooh.. I'm so happy for your friend! :)

You know.. I think I wrote a story about Hera once... hmmmmm :D

Joanne said...

Good goddess choice, she's even got the whole fashion thing going on, like that robe could very possibly work as a wedding gown? Maybe? Hm.

Best wishes to Josie :)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Favorite line: "She just got better jewelry and help with the housework." Well, Josie can only hope, eh?

A great goddess from a great source. Well done, Margaret. :o)

Shell Sherree said...

Congratulations to Josie! Hera hera! As for remembering one goddess from the next, I'm afraid my mind doesn't seem to absorb them very well. Perhaps I'm too busy chortling over your writing, Margaret. And that's fine with me!!

claire said...

I have always like Hera, in spite of her bad reputation Great post, here, Margaret. Hera is beaming ear to ear from her Pantheon and showers you with blessings.
Blessings also on Josie and her marriage.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Hera "childbirth and 4-H clubs" too funny

Congratulations Josie and Zeus. Nothing but happiness for you olympians.

Daisy said...

Congratulations, and a life of happiness together Josie.

Susan Campisi said...

Gods do laundry? And vacuum? I think I need a Zeus.

Congratulations, Josie!