Goddess of the Week: Butterfly Maiden

English: Monarch butterflies
English: Monarch butterflies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Jaime needs a goddess who will help her find her purpose in life.  She needs the Hopi Butterfly Maiden.
The Butterfly Maiden is a Hopi symbol of growth and rebirth.  She helps the crops grows and, like the butterfly, she demonstrates that everything is about transformation.  She understands, therefore, that our goal--our purpose--changes as we change.  How you saw yourself relating to the world at 20 is different from what you see at 40--or 60, or 80.  What doesn't change, however, is the need to nurture what you want to grow.  Your purpose is hidden in the unique constellation of gifts and talents that make up who you are.  You have to nurture those things, and you have to nurture the relationships that appreciate and value what is special about you.  Only a foolish gardener throws her seeds to the wind and walks away.  Don't be a foolish gardener.  If you want the fruit, you need to do the work.
And if that sounds too laborious, make it easy on yourself: Give to the world kindness and compassion.  Make that your mission.  That is purpose enough.

Channel this goddess: When you feel changes brewing in your life but you can't yet see what they are or how they will pan out, when seeking transformation, when cultivating your garden.

Need a goddess?  I got goddesses!  Post a comment explaining what you need or want a goddess for.  then check back in a week or so and see what you got.  It's fun!  It's free! It's better for you than kale!  (Actually, who are we kidding? Kale is really good for you, but still, it's not my favorite.)

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Jaime...My Love said...

Margaret, you are so fab, this is the perfect goddess for me! This resonated with me so much, it was just what I needed, thank you. Also, I ordered Goddess Lounge today and I'm going to recommend it for my book club, yay!

altadenahiker said...

Hopi Butterfly Goddess? Your knowledge and resourcefulness never ceases to astound.

Star said...


Alison said...

I shall remember this one!
Alison xx

Jean Spitzer said...

The photo is so magical I got distracted.

I like this goddess.

Olga said...

Really? This ratty white tee with spaghetti sauce dribbled down the front? That's really my color? Okay, then. I'll write a review. My book is on the way.

Petrea Burchard said...

I didn't know I could write a review on Amazon, but why not? Can I write one on Goodreads, too?

Ms M said...

The Hopi Butterfly Goddess sounds very wise. Good food for thought.

Daisy said...

When will the Goddess Lounge come to Amazon.ca? Your adoring public wishes to know!

Margaret said...

Petrea: I'm pretty sure you can, and yes, you can write one on Goodreads. I would be ever so grateful.

Daisy: I did not know you couldn't. I will find out. Good question.

Susan Campisi said...

Beautiful, Margaret.