Goddess of the Week: Nike

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Stacey needs an Energizer Bunny goddess. Of course, there's Shakti. She'll definitely give you energy, especially when illness or physical laments are conspiring against you, but if your lack of energy is more a case of misplaced mojo or general malaise, you need Nike, the Greek goddess of strength, speed and victory.

You might remember that the Titans were the Greek gods 1.0. Their leader, Kronos, kept eating his children so they wouldn't usurp him, in the way children do. Eventually, however, Kronos threw them all up and, annoyed that they'd be stuck in Krono's digestive track, they fought against him and his generation. It was very Summer of Love, very don't trust anyone over thirty, very be sure to wear some laurel in your hair. Except, of course, instead of a summer it was the dawn of time and instead of love there was blood-thirsty killing and fighting between the old gods and the new gods.

Chief among the new gods was Zeus, and when he rallied the young gods to throw the old gods out, the first goddess to jump to his aid was Nike. When the Titans set the monster Typhon loose on Mount Olympus, all the gods but Zeus and Nike just totally fled because they were so scared.

Besides her really cool wings, Nike had these awesome pom pons, and she waved them in the air and yelled, "We love Zeus. Oh, yes we do. We love Zeus. Hey, how 'bout you?" But the other gods were too scared to even answer back, so she tried, "Z-E-U-S! Around him we coalesce! Go Zeus! Go Zeus! He's your best friend! He's your best friend!"

Zeus was so fired up that he totally trounced Typhon and then all the other young gods came back and they were all, "Yeah, we totally knew you'd win, dude. We just wanted to show the Titans that you could do it yourself."

Well, those other gods may have been cowardish louts, but Nike was not. Nike shows that to find your mojo and your energy you sometimes need a cheerleader. You need someone to remind you how fabulous you are. You need someone to light the fire within you so that you can burn like the bright star that you are even when everyone around you is hiding in the dark. You need Nike. She often looks like a really good girl friend. Or your dog.

Channel this goddess when you need someone to wake you up to your inner potential and energy. Say: "Nike! Nike! She's a goddess! See her flying in her bodice! Go Nike! Go Nike! She's your best friend! She's your best friend."

Need a goddess: Post a comment saying what you need and I'll find you what you need.
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Margaret said...

Full disclosure: My high school mascot: The Titans.

And did you know that Nike was famous for her "trim-ankles"?

Curly said...

Ahahah... wonderful! As usual you made me smile! Thank you!
But... did Nike wear Nikes? :-D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Stacey; Margaret gave you a winner. And not only will Nike help you run faster, jump higher, fly longer, she'll also throw in a pair of really cool sweats.

(She might also help edit my comments.)

Watson said...

Way to GO Nike! She's my kinda gal!

Bec said...

I like the goddess chant/cheer at the end :) Maybe this is what I need to channel during these last 6 weeks of my pregnancy . . . no . . . energy . . . left

Shell Sherree said...

My mum is my Nike! I'll bet she'd love some pom-poms.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

:o)!!! LOVE the cheerleader take on this goddess, Margaret, and your witty writing style shines through again!

Question: Is it wrong that every thing I know about mythology and goddesses is what I learn here on your blog? So someday in conversation I'm going to refer to the goddess Nike as "oh yeah, I know that one! She was a cheerleader for Zeus!"

Stacey said...

Rah, rah rah!

Thanks, Margaret. I'm surging with energy at just the thought of someone rooting me on with pom pons. Truly.

Olga said...

I'm sending this one on to friends and family!

Desiree said...

Goddess M--
Is Nike winged victory, or izzat someone else?

Anonymous said...

YOU are the cheerleader, Margaret!

Nike is the perfect goddess for Ms. Go Go who needs unlimited energy! I also especially love the "trim ankles"! You are the best!

Margaret said...

Bec: Best wishes to you! Sending you tons of energy.

Deb: I actually don't make this stuff up. I just try and make it more contemporary, so it's totally cool if I am your source of mythological info.

Stacey: Rah, rah! Go! Go!

Dez: Yep. She is winged victory.

Anonymous said...

Nike... I like the name! I thought she would have been the goddess of sports! lol

Petrea Burchard said...

If Nike is Winged Victory then she is my FAVE.

I've seen the statue at the Louvre twice. The first time I was 16 and I had a high fever. The experience was hallucinogenic; like a mind-poem. The second time was four years ago. I was so filled with the sight that tears poured out of me. That statue is one of art's most glorious creations.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

So Zeus was a representative of Generation X?

the stuff you learn

Pasadena Adjacent said...

btw: Titans...mascot...me too

Maria said...

With a name like Nike I would have expected her to be designated goddess of athletics. But that was more Artemis and Athena's area, wasn't it?

Love these posts.

chibi said...

Seeing Nike at the Louvre, she spoke to me even before I knew her story and I have looked to her for guidance and strength during times of need.