Goddess of the Week: Artemis

In honor of the Olympics, this week's goddess is Artemis: Greek goddess of hunt.  

The twin of Ares, god of war, Artemis made two requests of her father when she was but a wee baby divinity.   Request number one: that she never be forced to marry.  Request number two: that she be granted her own fifty fleet-footed wood nymphs and a pack of hound dogs. Generous father that he was, Zeus granted his daughter's wishes and Artemis spent her days hunting in the forest and swimming naked in crystal clear springs with her devoted nymphs, which leads one to wonder what else was going on with those nymphs.  

Personal attributes: independent, athletic and no nonsense, but could be a bit cold-hearted, especially toward male mortals who accidentally found her swimming with her nymphs.

Channel this goddess when: you are going for the gold or, alternately, just plain sick of men. 

1 comment:

Susan C said...

Artemis has always been one of my favorite goddesses.

And I love the name. I always thought it should be up there in the top 10 with Madison and Sophia, but it's never caught on.