Math goddess: Danica McKellar

It seems a little unfair that actress Danica McKellar (best known as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years) should be so darn pretty AND smart.  McKellar is a math whiz who has penned two great books aimed at middle school girls needing help with math ("Math Doesn't Suck and, most recently, "Kiss my Math.")  The great thing about these books is that they are written in an engaging girl-friendy tone and are filled with analogies and similes that show how math can be compared to girl culture concepts like shopping and wrapped presents.  In fact, did you know that an equation is like a wrapped present?  Like a present, by the time you get it is has been wrapped, and when you unwrap it you do it in the inverse order in which it was wrapped.  Also, equations need to balanced, like pearls on scales.  Believe me, it makes a lot of sense in the book.  If your girl struggles with math, get this book.  Both of your lives will be a lot easier.  (Or, if you are me, at least a little, tiny bit easier.)  

And thank you Danica, for using your unfair share of beauty and smarts for good and not evil.  

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