Goddess of the Week: Frigga

Is your Yuletide bright?  If so, thank Frigga.  Frigga is the Norse goddess of motherhood and fate.  She was married to Odin, the leader of the Norse gods and was the mother of Baldur, the god of the sun.  

Frigga spent most of her time at her spinning wheel, spinning out the fates of all living things.  The Norse word for wheel is yul, and the Norse called their winter solstice celebration Yule in honor of Frigga's work.  Today's Christmas wreath is also a symbol of Frigga's wheel, and it is reminder of the circularity of the seasons, a reassuring symbol in the deep of winter.  

Of course, Frigga did more than work her spinning wheel.  She also gave birth to light.  Until Frigga gave birth to Baldur -- the god of light -- the world was cast in darkness.  More than anything, this is what the Yule holiday celebrated: the birth of light, which is why it was celebrated with candles and the Yule log.  

Channel this goddess when: You are laboring in the dark.  Remember the light is on its way.  


altadenahiker said...

How lovely. God Jul, Margaret, and lots of light to you.

Susan C said...

I like this goddess. Too bad she has such a friggin' unattractive name.

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

Blogging about circles, orbs and arcs can get you in trouble. When it comes to gods it's all about the Egyptians and Greeks. Not enough ink is dedicated to the Nordic trouble makers. I love a good Yule log. Especially when it's made of carmel and nuts