Two Concepts I Never Thought I'd Link Together: Star Wars and Ladies Underwear

Apropo to yesterday's post.  In his review of Carrie Fisher's new Memoir, Wishful Drinking, Matthew DeBord (LA Times, Dec. 4, 3008), E10) reveals that Carrie Fisher did not wear a bra during the filming of "Star Wars."  Apparently, George Lucas insisted "for ornate reasons, that there was no underwear in space."  

It's a little easier to pull off at nineteen than at forty-something, isn't it Princess Leia?


pasadenaadjacent.com said...

It was the 70's Nobody wore them

altadenahiker said...

So that's how you spell Leia. My misspelling must have bothered you no end. I may do it again, just to irritate you. What about the other guys -- uhm, Vaidor? (I'm sorry, you're really to nice to irritate.)

Cafe Observer said...

MF, be careful not 2 fall under de seducing negative influence of certain loco bloggers.

You may need a guard dog to protect you through such hazards.

Paula L. Johnson said...

So...when they said "let the force with with you," they were NOT talking about push-up bras?

I need to re-watch Star Wars with this new information in mind.

Margaret said...

Altadenahiker: You can not tempt me over to the darkside, even with your atrocious spelling.

Cafe Observer: You are sounding very Obi Wan, but don't worry I will be true to my own voice.

Paula: You make me laugh.