Close...but no agent

The good news is that a good agent from a prestigious house requested my manuscript last week.  Two days later she emailed me that she was "liking it" and that I should keep her posted if there was any "movement" regarding said manuscript.

The bad news is that the good agent -- who was very professional, very prompt, and very cordial -- just "didn't love it."  


The good news is that the good agent recommended another agent who might be a "better fit," which was very nice.  Really, I couldn't ask for a nicer rejection.



Susan C said...

I'm the only person I know who gets excited over gracious rejection letters. They confirm that you are on the right track. I'm batting a thousand when it comes to moving from kind, personal rejects to eventual acceptance.

It will happen to you and The Goddess Lounge too. I say this with great confidence.

Margaret said...

Thank you, Susan. I am not entirely hopeless. But I did feel kind of dejected yesterday. Now I'm feeling better. I mean it when I say that she could not have been nicer, and I do take that as a good sign. Also, I really took your comments about the manuscript to heart and made some good revisions. So thanks for that too.

M said...

MF, all you need is 1 acceptance letter. So as long as U bat above .000 you s/b doing very good.

What are these new avenues I hear: the internet & self-publishing? Supposedly this is bypassing The Woman in a wild run for free expression & self control.

Life is a brunch of Yes's & No's. Those who succeed in life are those who don't give up.

Petrea said...

Look, you're way ahead of me in this thing so you know more. But from what I read, most agents won't read the whole book because most of what they receive is unreadable.

If she liked your book, you're probably in the top oh, say, five percent of what's out there. Someone is looking for your book. It's not her, but she wouldn't send you to a colleague if she didn't think what you have is good. She has her reputation to consider.

Take heart, Margaret, you've just narrowed it down. I'm no expert but it sounds like "the good agent" is helping you find "the right agent."

altadenahiker said...

See? All the good goddesses are on your side. It'll happen...

Margaret said...

Love all the blogger friends. So supportive. Feeling warm and fuzzy right now.

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

Sounds similar to the "art world" The first agent wouldn't recommend a second agent unless they saw something respectable in your work. Are you going to be able to drop the name of A. to B.? Does it work like that in the publishing world? You know, move to the top of the stack.

Margaret said...

PA: Yes, Agent A. gave me permission to drop her name. Alas, I've just now heard that Agent B. is not interested. Oh well, onward and upward.

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

I'm sorry Mararet

Susan C said...

OH, rats. That was a fast response from agent B.

As they say in Japan, GANBATTE. Keep perservering. You're now one step closer to finding the perfect agent.

altadenahiker said...

You're witty, you're wise, and I totally agree with Susan. They're talking about you/with you! It's gonna come.

Petrea said...

Have you sent Agent A a thank-you note? Can't hurt to stay on her radar.

I learned the best thing from a voice coach once. She closed her eyes and listened to me, then said, "I hear you saying, 'Do you want this?' What I want to hear is 'Look what I've got!'"

Remember what you've got! It's what they want. So go out there and say "Look what I've got!" (not "do you want this?") A wonderful agent is going to be so glad you showed up with a project s/he can fall in love with.

Cafe Observer said...

"Eliminate the middle-woman!"

J&D said...

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