Goddess of the Week: Eos

This one is for you, Susan.  

As the goddess of the dawn, the Greek goddess Eos knew that no night lasts forever.  Light follows darkness.  Every time.  She made sure.  She drove her horse drawn chariot across the sky (although some say she made the journey herself with her beautiful feathered wings) and prepared the sky for her brother Helios, the sun.  In her wake, she left not only the beginnings of light but the morning dew, which she sprinkled on flowers and trees.

When she was not working, she was famous for upsetting the horses.  She had countless lovers, both mortal and divine, and when she saw a man she found attractive she had no qualms about kidnapping him.  In this way she was a lot like Zeus.  Some people say that Eos's lust was a curse.  They say that the goddess of love, Aphrodite, happened upon Eos and Ares (the god of war, who Aphrodite had a real thing for) "on the couch."  Aphrodite got so mad that she turned Eos into a slut.  But I don't buy this.  Zeus slept around, and no one called him cursed.

One thing is for sure.  Eos was capable of real love.  At least for a time, she truly loved Tithonos.  He was a Trojan prince.  She loved him so much that she asked Zeus to make him immortal.  Now, just so you know, when you ask Zeus for a favor -- as Eos did -- you really need to be as specific as possible.  Eos asks for Tithonos to be immortal, but she forgot to ask that he stay eternally young.  Hence, while Eos was able to maintain her lovely goddess figure and hang out with Helios as long as she wanted without even getting a wrinkle, Tithonos withered.  He withered and bent and shrank and got all bald and crotchety and he lost his teeth and couldn't sleep well and, after a century or so, he was really just a drag.  No fun at all.  Not for a fun-loving goddess.  Eventually, Tithonos turned into a cricket, and a cricket he remains.  

As for Eos, while it's a new day isn't it?  

Channel this goddess: when shrouded in darkness, when it feels like the day will never dawn.  It always dawns.  Follow Eos.  She'll lead you to the light.  


Susan C said...

Oh, Margaret. I was so excited when my "Friend Feeder" reported that Eos was the goddess of the week. I thought, "Does she know about my connection with this goddess?" And then I see your "This one's for you" subhead.

What a brazen character she was! Kidnapping men? I love it! I have a confession. When I first came to So. Cal., I taught at a small Christian school in South Gate. Two other prim and proper teachers and I formed a group called "The Kidnap Company." We would kidnap men who caught our fancy and have our way with them. Being the good Christian school teachers, "having our way" meant taking them out for ice cream.

So Eos really is my goddess. And, goddess knows, there have been plenty of times when I've needed to see the light.

(PS I didn't understand your references to upsetting the horse because I somehow missed that delightful post.)

altadenahiker said...

I like that you're continuing to explore what can be done in the bedroom that might upset a horse.

Beautiful post. I will remember Eos, particularly on those 3 a.m. sleepless mornings.

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

Susan, kidnapping young christian men for for an afternoon of cheap gastronomical pleasure? How could you!

Susan C said...

I know, PA. I was such a slut. Just like Eos.

Petrea said...

Ice cream slut. Chocolate chip. Me.

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