Comfort Movies on a Cold Saturday Night

So let's talk about comfort movies.  The LA TIMES had an article about them in Saturday's Calendar section.  Comfort movies are the ones we pop in the DVD player when we're feeling down and out or when we're suffering through pity-me-party colds and flus.  

I have a favorite comfort movie.  It's the 1995 BBC/A&E production of Pride and Prejudice starring Jennifer Ehle as Miss Elizabeth Bennett and my secret boyfriend Colin Firth as dreamy Mr. Darcy.  There's actually a tribe of us who are a bit obsessive about this production.  I have a friend who watched it over and over during her pregnancy -- until she went into pre-term labor.  She was afraid she would have a miscarriage and then end up with tragic associations with Mr. Darcy, so she had to put her DVD away until after she delivered a healthy boy.  I have another friend who talked about "Pride and Prejudice" so incessantly that a group of friends made her a pillow case with Colin Firth's picture on it.  (They also made her a special bra, but let's not go there.)  She hides the pillowcase in her office and only shows it to people who, in her studied opinion, are worthy enough to see it.  (Oh, wait a minute.  Shoot -- that last one's me.  Don't tell!)

What is it about this film?  I'm not entirely sure, except that when I'm feeling pathetic and depressed and when I can't breathe through my sad, stuffed-up little nose, the whole Bennett family just makes me feel safe and secure.  They dress so nice.  They talk so nice.  They're all so witty.  I just want to sit in the drawing room with them and drink tea, and I want get waited on hand and foot, even if I know those rotten Bingley sisters are downstairs gossiping about me -- the jealous little cows.  And then there's Pemberley.  Ahhhh...Pemberley...why have you forsaken me?  

Other movies are tolerable I suppose, but not good enough to tempt me.  Do you have a favorite comfort film?  What is it and why?


Paula L. Johnson said...

My favorite film is "Come September" with Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin.

It's set in an Italian villa in the 1960s and is the quintessential romantic comedy.

Desiree said...

Can't wait to check out Paula's flick pick! In that vein, "Pillow Talk" is a brainless, entertaining movie that captivates me and keeps all thoughts of ill-will far, far away. But for a cold Saturday night? Any Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone. And for romance and tears? "Moonstruck"!

altadenahiker said...

Don't get me started. Too late! Yo already did:
The Awful Truth, with Irene Dunne & Cary Grant. The Topper movies. It Happened One Night, The Lady Eve, Red Dust, The 90's production of Persuasion. Oh God -- To Kill a Mockingbird.

Lynne said...

You must have passed on your movie love to your daughter!

I'm not as much of a movie person but, I do like Garden State a lot for a newer movie and for old movies; The Thrill of it All with Doris Day and James Garner, and all of the Thin Man movies.

Cafe Observer said...

XXcellent! However...
I wanna play the part of your editor, Professor, in your comfort movies: I would edit or add comfort food into this story somehow.

Don't get me started, but, Ahhhhh...Comfort food + Comfort movies = an intolerable temptation!

I wunder if Restless Dez likes to cook up comfort food.

Petrea said...

I like a lot of movies. I go back to "My Life As a Dog." "Galaxy Quest." "Brazil." Well, that one's not comfortable. But I could count many, many favorites. Among them is that very same "Pride and Prejudice.

I will address your question, "What is it about this film?" It is many things, but mostly it is the romantic tension that peaks in the scene when Miss Elizabeth Bennett is turning the pages while Mr. Darcy's sister plays piano, and Mr. Darcy burns a hole in Miss Bennett's dress with his eyes. I believe every heterosexual woman wants to be stared at in exactly that way by a gorgeous, filthy rich, respectable man who is madly in love with her.

JCK said...

I should have a comfort movie that springs to mind, but I'm it's not happening.

I ADORE that miniseries as well. So many of us do...

Margaret said...

CP: You're right. Comfort movies need comfort food. I'll have a bowl of really good, hot soup and some chocolate cake.

Petrea and JCK: You're in. You can see the pillowcase.

Petrea said...

Goodness. My toes are tingling.

Oh! And Margaret! For the first time in ages I have an appropriate word verification: "ovoked."

Palm Axis said...

For today

black and white: HUD
documentary: New York Doll
romance: Out of Africa
english: The Horses Mouth
foreign: The lives of Others
western: unforgiven

all on net-f

Rebecca said...

Hmmm....what a great group of friends to make you your very own Mr. Darcy pillowcase...

My current favorite comfort movie is The Holiday with Jude Law - so charming even with a napkin on his head!

Anonymous said...

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Star said...

Mine? "The Sound of Music" and "American Dreamer." In fact, to pick myself up just yesterday, I was singing "My Favorite Things" to myself...quietly...as I was walking around town.