Goddess of the Week: Mnemosyne

Times change.  Literally.  Twice a year, damn it.  And when it comes to time we have Mnemosyne to thank.  She is the Greek goddess of time and memory.  She was a Titan, and is thus a very ancient goddess.  She is best remembered for being the mother of the nine muses, but what I like about Mnemosyne is that she guarded a lake in Hades bearing her own name.  When heros died, they got to drink from her lake of memory and hang out in the Elysian Fields, forever aware of their glory.  The shmucks among us got to drink from the river Lethe, which made us forget every bit of wisdom we gained living in the world so that when we were born again we acted just as stupidly as the last time.

There are many things I would like to remember in my next life, but there are only four dictates I'd like programmed into my brain: 

One:  Don't worry.
Two: Choose your mate carefully.
Three: Avoid the 405 freeway and cheap shrimp.
Four: Enjoy.  Just enjoy.


Susan C said...

Don't forget to stay away from the bad flan.

Desiree said...

Very nice. As soon as I started reading in my mental background Barbra Streisand started singing that song from "The Way We Were."
Damn, I'm never gonna be able to shake it now..."Memories---light the corners of my mind..."

Margaret said...

Damn. I'm already drinking from the Lethe. No bad flan. Must remember.

Palm Axis said...

When I saw the word Mnemosyne I misread it as Mayonnaise. I know where the Elysian fields are. I posted on it and it's full of boys (wink)


Margaret said...

PA: At least you have some idea how to pronounce Mnemosyne. I have no idea even where to begin. As for the Elysian Fields, it is funny that we have our own. And I guess for some people it is full of...memories.

pasadenapio said...

Five: Don't be stupid

Petrea said...

I'd best go do something heroic, and fast.

I especially like this because it tells me where the word "mnemonic" comes from. I love your Goddess of the Week posts.

Cafe Pasadena said...

Six: Choose what you eat carefully.

Well, for your sake mf, I pray you'll have a 2nd chance at life to remember these 9 dictates.

PS, Seven: Avoid cats & politicians and you'll live a less stressful life.
Eight: Spend more time at a cafe & less at work.
Nine: makes friends with a good cook.

Laurie said...

This is such a fabulous piece. I love your goddess posts. MOther of the muses? Who knew!?

Lynne said...

I love Goddess of the Week! So if you could remember everything from this life when you started a new life, what would be the use of the new life? You could just keep living the the old life instead.

But, I did learn how to knit in a previous life! Really! When I was five I saw someone knitting for the first time and I just remembered how to knit at that moment!

Margaret said...

PPIO: Don't be stupid might just capture be the umbrella that captures all these dictates.

CP: I especially like 8 and 9. I'll definitely try and remember those two.

Lynne: That's pretty spooky about the knitting. You'll have to tell me more about that.

Palm Axis said...

I've re-read my comment and I may have been misunderstood (#5). By Elysian Fields, I mean Elysian Park near Dodger Stadium and by boys I mean ay-gay atino-lay oys-bay. Yes, the memories, just not mine.

altadenahiker said...

Look both ways.

altadenahiker said...

Speak with a British accent.

altadenahiker said...

to thine own self be true, but only if it doesn't hurt too much.

Margaret said...

AH: All good. Especially the British accent. I'm starting that one now. Cheerio.

Margaret said...

Rebecca: Oh, they are the most fabulous friends ever. I liked the holiday too. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

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