Is that a logo on your butt or are you just happy to see me?

It has come to this:  
People are shaving their heads and using their bald spaces as billboards.  

I say why stop there? The creative marketer can turn anything into a print ad. Might I suggest:

1. Babies.  Most babies are naturally bald.  They'll never even know there is a Similac tattoo on the back of their skulls until they're, like, fifty.  
2. Dogs.  Can you imagine a Dachsund shilling Oscar Meyer weiners?  How perfect is that?
3. Bananas.  Just put a sticker on the peel!  (Shoot, that's already taken.)
4. Classroom dry erase boards.  Run a digital feed across the top -- in cursive.  Kids will want to read and they'll learn cursive!
5. Grave markers.  Because the "Bud" stops here!


Cafe Observer said...

Very funny...be careful when you pick on us dogs! Do you really wanna know what's on my butt or are you just happy to see it?

Margaret said...

Very funny, dog.

altadenahiker said...

Shit, if I could photoshop, that tombstone would be a blackmailer's goldmine. "Don't eat at Mick's," for example.

Desiree said...

Dear, dear!
The possibilities are endless--but I'll be darned if I'll give those mad men and women any more ideas!

Petrea said...

Ha ha! In these tough economic times (dot dot dot)

Truth, though: I REEFYOOZ to buy clothing with logos on it. They can effin' pay ME if they want me to wear their ad. Huh.

Paula L. Johnson said...

I am with you, Petrea!

Palm Axis said...

I agree, and thats why I pull off the wine labels and erase the artist's signature.

I once saw a head stone that had a bar code etched into it.


Lynne said...

What about braces that flashed advertisements. On a small scale they could flash ortho ads and would reduce the cost of the braces. (Just like when roofing companies put a sign in front of a house they've just re-roofed.) Or, if it's a really popular kid, they could get sponsors. Limited Too comes to mind, but cell phone companies could utilize this too!

Margaret said...

Petrea: I'm with you too. Although I wear old Earthling Bookstore tee shirt with pride.

Lynne: Having paid for braces, I might consider the orthodonture product placement.

altadenahiker said...

Tombstone for plastic surgeon endorsement, "Damn it, I still look good."

Margaret said...

AH: You're so clever. I'm trying to come up with one right now, but I've got nothing.

Petrea said...

True, Margaret, I still wear my Cornfest t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

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