Goddess of the Week: Seshat, goddess of blogging

If you write, you must thank the Egyptian goddess Seshat.  If you use a pen, or a keyboard, or for that matter, an iPhone or an inkwell, Seshat is your gal.  Her name means "she who scrivens," and she is the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, writing, and, therefore, blogging.  

She was very industrious.  She invented writing and measurement all so that you could keep track of your accomplishments and lovely little scribbles.  She took careful note of war prisoners and prizes, so if you have any of those, don't worry about where you put them.  She's got it all written down and will be able to remind you.  (Note to G.W.: This could prove a problem.)  And although she may remind you of Marian the Librarian, this goddess was no plain Jane.  She always wore leopard print.  

Channel this goddess: when you are blogging.  Duh.  


Cafe Pasadena said...

I have a couple of candidates who could fit the bill for the current Goddess of Blogging. But if I name them, it could create bitterness toward me, & rivalry, jealousy & strife among the sista's - Aka, a cat fight. So I'd better say I dunno what you're talking about.

However, come to think of it, a cat fight is a fav form of entertainment for us dogs. So, let me give that a 2nd thought!

Anonymous said...

Seshat, sister of Bastet? (my personal favorite).... could she also be the goddess of search engines? I guess I still scribit by continuing to use post it notes.

Shell Sherree said...

Oh, this sounds like the perfect excuse to stay in my new leopard print pyjamas all day.

altadenahiker said...

who's the goddess of spellcheck?

Desiree said...

So that's the secret! Do I light a candle to her (Oh, wait, was that the library that burned down?)
Music Man: I so prefer Shirley Jones and Robert Preston!

Margaret said...

Hey pup: You do us discredit. We are the kind of bloggers how only wish our colleagues success and good fortune.

PA: I will have to think about whether or not she is also the goddess of search engines. Maybe I'll do that next week.

Shell: You stay in those jammies all you want.

AH: Did I spell something wrong?

Desiree: You put on your leopard print, of course. Kristen Chenowith didn't work for you?

altadenahiker said...

No, I just was to channel her more often.

Margaret said...

AH: You don't have to channel her. You have her on IM.

Lynne said...

Is she also the Goddess of Twitter then? I heard on NPR this morning that Ashton Kutcher has 1,000,000 Twitter followers now so maybe he has been channeling Seshat!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Oh, Ok, you guys (gals) had this canine fooled. As usual.

Margaret said...

Lynne: I hate to think she would shower him with such fortune. I'll have to think about who he is channeling instead.

Pup: Yes, you were wrong. But don't feel bad. I've been wrong before too.

Cafe Pasadena said...

You haven't been wrong, xcept for maybe interpreting pics. So, you're practically purrfect, MF - in Petrea's league.

Ooops!, I hope I didn't say sumthing wrong.

Anonymous said...

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