Letter to Planet Earth

Dear Earth:

I know you are feeling a little hot under the collar these days.  I know you are mad about the whole carbon glutton thing, what with the cars and the gassy cows.  And I know you are pissed about deforestation.  It's a drag.  Really.  No trees = bad.  I get it.  These things get my tectonic plates jittering too.

But I'm just wondering if you're starting to take things a little too personally.  You know that saying "It's not all about you"?  Well...it's not.  

Ok!  I can tell by the fact that it just started hailing on my house that you found that a bit upsetting.  Understandable.  Totally my fault.  I have this problem called tactlessness.  I'm working on it.  Believe me.  But hear me out.   What I mean to say is that sometimes our problems seem less overwhelming when we look at a more universal perspective.  When I start to feel bad about the fact that I passed the bad at math gene onto my children, I try and remember that my time in this world is really very short.  The space I take up in this universe is really very small.  Do I really want to use my candle flicker of an existence lamenting the bad math gene?  No. Of course not.  

Likewise, you are a lovely planet.  You are very beautiful.  Everyone says so.  But you, too, are part of a larger cosmos.  Right?  And the cosmos is not all about you, is it?  No.  It's not.  So, while your problems are very frustrating, in the universal, time-space continuum scheme of things, they do not define you.  You had a noble history before your recent woes, and you will have a noble history after they pass (although the interim will be unpleasant for those of us weathering it out).  And now -- as always -- you are part of something bigger, something that you contribute to in your own special, groovy blue-green way, something that smells remarkably like raspberries.  

So, chill out.  Maybe meditate a little bit; it reduces seismic pressure and gives you a sunny -- but not too sunny -- outlook.  Remember: it's all good.  You're all good.



Cafe Observer said...

Sage advice, Goddess MF, to the water planet, ie, Mother Earth!

It would be very good 4 it 2 listen to you, otherwise it will end up with the same dead fate as the other planets in our solar system. This is the last chance for it to keep hope alive in our part of the universe.

Kate said...

The pre-1995 Catholic Church begs to differ with your statement about Earth not being the center of the universe.

Desiree said...

Gaia thanks you.
She's still plotting a come back.

altadenahiker said...

I can't think that big, it makes my head explode.

Shell Sherree said...

That was a nice mellow pill for me to take just before heading off to sleep. Thanks, dear Margaret. I'm in my happy place.

Margaret said...

Pup: You speak wisely.

Katie: I'm glad it's 2009.

Dez: She absolutely is.

AH: Stop thinking. No one wants your head to explode.

Shel: So funny to think of you going to bed when we've just woken up.

JCK said...

I think you need to have these talks with all of us more often. :) Great perspective! Especially about the math gene.

Margaret said...

JCK: The math gene is a very sad thing.

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

I don't think of you as tactless, and I always have to pull out wikepedia whenever anyone brings up quantum physic and the space time continuum (along with spell check) Just me.
The planet is lovely as is your writing. I guess I'm not overly fearful of the blue marbles upcoming demise. I figure people who don't lack the math gene are working on it. Then again I just heard this morning about 20 something horses dying. Maybe I just don't think about much, or lack cable and I avoid Fox news. I do get Netflix and saw a movie called The King with Gael Barnel. That movie bothered me.

Margaret said...

PA: I read the horse maybe took some bad vitamin mix that is actually banned in the US but not in Venezuela. Sad about the horses though. And I think their people are pretty devastated.

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