What's more fun than crossing the Golden Gate Bridge?

Crossing it with 7,500 eleven-year-old Girl Scouts!  

Tomorrow, I am flying to San Francisco so that I can spend Saturday walking across the Golden Gate Bridge with my fifth grade Girl Scout troop (luckily, only ten of the 7,500 are mine).  

Some wicked person somewhere, at some point in time, decided it would be a good idea for Junior Girl Scouts to "bridge" to Cadette Girl Scouts by actually walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Now, thousands of Girl Scouts do this every year -- although this year is the biggest event ever.  

You will remember that I am afraid of practically everything, so, of course, I am a little afraid of bridges.  But I will cross the bridge with a smile and while holding sweaty hands because that is the kind of Girl Scout leader that I am.  Damn it.

Pray for me.  Even you, Petrea.  


Cafe Pasadena said...

Good, MF. Bring back some pics. You especially.
Yeah, Petrea especially should pray as well!
Have fun.

pasadenapio said...

I lived in the Bay Area for four years and walked across the bridge just once soon after I arrived in 1979. I loved it!

I'm hoping you will, too, although walking across with a cast of thousands may be a challenge! Or it will be positively exhilarating and inspiring.

Shell Sherree said...

You are adorable, Margaret! Of course I'll pray for you. You are a trooper!

JCK said...

Yeah! This sounds like fun. Can't wait to hear about it.

Susan C said...

I've always wanted to walk across the GG Bridge. Will you be dressed in uniform? Do Girl Scouts even wear uniforms these days? I'm picturing a sea of green.

Have a great time!

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

Your brave.

Wear a scarf that blocks your peripheral vision. It cuts down on vertigo. I know these things because I climb scaffolding.

sounds like fun

Margaret said...

Thanks for the good wishes. Susan: the girls will be in their green uniforms, but they will also be covered in warm sweatshirts. PA: Scarf! I'm on it! Good advice.

Linda Dove said...

Oh, this is great! Have fun with that bridge...

Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh wow! What exciting things you do with scouts out there. Ours march to church on St George's Day and thats about it. Well, not entirely true - they do lots of adventure things but nothing like that.

Have fun. And don't jump!

M G said...

I think it's wonderful what you are doing. The girls will remember it always, and so will you.

altadenahiker said...

And, now we'll just wait to make sure you made it back in one piece. Which of course you did.

Petrea said...

Okay, my Google Alerts missed this. You are back by now and my prayer is late, but my prayers (being what they are) are so strong that they work retroactively.

This post reminds me of a certain goddess at the Getty Villa.

I need to figure out how to be alerted when my favorite blogs have new posts. Not Google Reader. I think that's where I got my virus in the first place.

You will add a note here, surely, to tell us how exciting this event turned out to be. The Golden Gate Bridge is glory, glory!

J&D said...

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