What's more fun than crossing the Golden Gate Bridge: Part Two

Good news.  The Golden Gate Bridge is really quite sturdy and can withstand the weight of 7,500 Girl Scouts, assorted joggers, many cars, buses, RVs, and me!  

You knew that, didn't you?  Well, fine.  Be as smug and superior as you want.  All that matters is that I had a great time in San Francisco, and my Girl Scouts were awesome.  There was one unfortunate incident involving a bottle of Sprite, and we did lose two girls down at Crissy Field.  Yeah.  That part was kind of bad, but can I please say that we did wear matching shirts in preparation for just that scenario.  It's really not my fault that about 6,000 other Girl Scouts did the same thing and that we all chose purple.  Besides, we did find the girls.  Eventually.

The point is  -- and if you obsess about those misplaced ten years olds you are really going to miss it, so enough about them; this is my blog -- the point is that I was a little afraid to cross the bridge, but I faced my fear and I crossed the bridge.  That's the lesson here today.  I faced my fear, and I survived.  In fact, once I got to the bridge, I wasn't even scared.  I am evolving, you see.  I am maturing.  I am one of those women facing middle age with courage and dignity and poise.  And let's face it, those girls are in fifth grade!  If they chose to wander off in a sea of grapes I can't be held entirely responsible.  So here's to me!  Woman of strength!  Woman who walks through the fire!  Woman who loses children, but -- also -- finds them.  Thank God I'm home.  


Petrea said...

It's a wide bridge. You are a wise woman. I hope you walked in the middle.

Susan C said...

You sure earned your badge. So pleased to hear you pushed through your fear and survived.

Lynne said...

You go girl! When I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge I had to be the furtherest away from the edge as you could be.

As for the lost girls, that's nothing. Now they know not to wander off on any camping trips!

My co-leader almost stabbed all of the girls in our troop when she was showing them the "circle of safety" with a knife in her hand. They all had to jumped back with big eyes!

altadenahiker said...

Why did the chicken cross the bridge.

I'm sorry, I don't mean it at all, and we're glad you're home. It means bacon is somewhere in our future.

WV: Chikpo. Honestly.

Desiree said...

I was holding my breath till you made it back.
Bad things happen to women who cross bridges. Or worse, burn them.

Margaret said...

Lynne: That sounds like some circle of safety.

Shell Sherree said...

Now I can breathe again ;). I'm very happy for you, Margaret. So should I book us both in for a Story Bridge Climb when you come to visit Brisbane someday?

Margaret said...

Shell: I'm terrified just watching the video. Have you done that?

Shell Sherree said...

Oh good Heavens, No! Part of me wants to someday. The other part is just a tad concerned that I'll be on the 6 o'clock news, still clutching onto the side of the Bridge having been there since sunrise, eyes clamped shut and refusing to budge up or down. But I'll do it if you will! I'd feel stronger if you were holding my hand, I'm sure. We can wear purple.

Bec said...

Good for you - you're brave! Is this what I have to look forward to in 9 years?? All the things I never thought of before I had a baby.

Margaret said...

Shell: I'll tell you what: If I ever make it to Brisbane, we'll do the bridge. That way, if you have to be peeled off the scaffolding I will too.

Margaret said...

Bec: You definitely have this to look forward to! We actually had a great time. But, when the time comes, don't don purple. Get all your girls glitzy pink wigs, like one troop did. You won't lose a single girl.

Bec said...

Good tip on the wigs . . . might even work for 2 year olds!

Shell Sherree said...

You're on, Margaret :)

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