Wise Women Friday: Teresa Calderon

Words of wisdom from the Chilean poet Teresa Calderon:

No one is right.
The labyrinth, without a doubt,
does not lead to the Minotaur.

Here's what I know:

1.  The labyrinth does not lead to the Minotaur.  It doesn't have to.  The Minotaur will find you when it's good and ready.

2.  When the Minotaur finds you, you cannot hide from it in the labyrinth.  You have to face it.  You have to walk right through it.  That's the only way you can defeat it.

3.  No one is right:  Sleep matters.  Friends help.  Money counts.  Bathrooms need to be cleaned.  Beyond that, there are few absolutes.    


Lynne said...

I really liked this and I had to think about it for about an hour before responding. So here's what I know:

1. If you go looking for a Minotaur you will definately, definately find one. And, you will keep finding them until you "walk through it".

2. What ever you look for you usually find, so look for something you want to find.

3. You're right about the bathroom!

pasadenaadjacent.com said...

Have I inspired you in some way? you've seen my bathroom haven't you? That Minotaur is defiant (and a boy).

Margaret said...

Lynne: You're right about all three.

PA: Alas, the bathroom is my own.

Susan C said...

I had an overwhelming urge to clean my bathroom after reading this.

altadenahiker said...

I had an overwhelming urge to help clean Margaret's. I know, I know, the Minotaur will find us, but for now, I have a few good hiding places. (Or maybe I only think they're good.)

Excellent, disturbing post, unless it really is about cleaning products.

Shell Sherree said...

I'm heading out for Saturday brunch and shall fortify myself with Eggs Benedict and rocket salad, lest I be approached by any roaming Minotaurs.

{LOL, all of you!}

Margaret said...

AH: It is only partly about cleaning products.

Shell:You watch out for those minotaurs.

Petrea said...

Margaret, I love all your posts, but to me this is the most thought-provoking of them all. It's a poem, a maxim. I may just print it out and put it on my wall.

Last night at Webster's "Blogger Cafe," Karin and I used this as an example of an exemplary post.

Cafe Pasadena said...

This mite bee your best blog posting yet, MF!

Just saying, "sleep matters," is packed full of wisdom & chemistry! Obviously, reading your fellow blogger's has served you well here in your own site.

Margaret said...

Petrea and Pup: Well, thank you very much, but let's give some credit to Ms. Calderon. It's a great quote.

JCK said...

I like this! So true. So true!

I'm currently trying to avoid the Minotaurs, and not really winning...

Margaret said...

Oh, JCK: Avoiding the minotaurs doesn't usually work, although I am an expert at this myself. You got to walk through the fire, or the minotaur. Sad, but true.

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