Goddess of the Week: Sekhmet

Feeling thin-skinned?  Discouraged?  Does it seem like all you get is rejection, criticism, and neglect?  Then the goddess for you is Sekhmet.  This Egyptian warrior goddess, whose very name means powerful, led the pharaohs into battle and gave them the strength to defeat even the most passive aggressive mothers and anal retentive enemies.

With the head of a lionness and the body of woman, Sekhmet reminds you that fingernails were made for clawing, teeth were made for gnashing, and when people do not appreciate your obvious genius your best response is to roar.  Crawling under tables, bawling like a baby, and giving in to self doubt is for Babylonians -- not warrior goddesses.  So stand up straight. Get yourself a good hair cut, maybe spring for highlights, and put yourself back in the fight.

Channel this goddess: When you feel lower than pond scum and when untalented, arrogant hacks try and bring you down!**

**Cautionary note:  Channeling Sekhmet is best done sober.  One time, when she was so mad that she was trying to destroy humanity, she was tricked into thinking that the Nile was full of blood, when in fact it had been spiked with beer and pomegranate juice.  She drank the whole thing and turned into Hathor, the goddess of love!  She spent the night Karaoke singing Karen Carpenter, went home with a crocodile, and ended up throwing up on her mane.  

Pasadena Adjacent: Per your request, this goddess is for you.


pasadenaadjacent.com said...

I knew this one was mine the moment I read "thin skinned". I'm going to channel Sekhmet this Thursday when I go back (yet again) in front of the cultural inquisition. I went against everyone when I demanded a change in my design. Remember Wah Wah Wah? she said no, I said "but it's my name on it" and I don't want to spend the next decade regretting another compromise. So I've armed myself with knowledge. I'm ready for my anal attentive enemies. I will stay away from hard drink and salt. I may even get over to Target to pick up a box of Revlon ash brown hair dye.

Sekhmet..half cat half woman...puuuurrrrrfect
thanks M..I'm honored

Desiree said...

Yay warrior godesses! I want more of these warrioresses. Terrific post

altadenahiker said...

I was going to say something inappropriate, which is totally out of character for me, but then. Then I read PA's comment, and I'm just gonna channel this one for her. Good luck.

Finnegan, we may have to put you on retainer.

Susan C said...

Good luck, PA. Sekhmet and Revlon (goddess of the locks) and you will make a winning combination. Knowledge and preparation don't hurt either.

I think I need her too. I've been feeling overwhelmed and underconfident.

Margaret said...

You are ready, PA. Now roar.

Dez, AH, and Susan: I think most of us could do well to channel this one. I usually channel the whiny, oh-why-me goddess. Not usually very helpful.

Shell Sherree said...

Oh, Margaret ~ what a corker! When I wasn't laughing, I was cheering! I'm guilty of channelling the 'mumble mumble' goddess but I shall remember your wisdom and do better. Good tip about not liquoring up beforehand, by the way.

pasadenapio said...

I'm channeling...
nothing yet...
still channeling...

Linda Dove said...

Haha! That's seriously funny.

Margaret said...

Shell: love the words mumble mumble goddess. Very nice.

PPIO: You find her yet?

Linda: There's nothing funny about goddesses. They are always very serious and important.

Petrea said...

PA, knowledge is power. It's like sharp teeth. Good for you.

I adore Sekhmet! Would that I had her teeth! I tried to channel her in the shower today. It sounded kind of like me talking to myself, but maybe...I think she came and sharpened my nails a little.

From the comments, it looks like we need to have a seance and channel this one in a big way. LOOK AT THIS LIST OF POWER WOMEN HERE! YOU ARE ALL FABULOUS!!!!

Sorry, didn't mean to yell. But whodathunk any of you needed Sekhmet? You are people I admire.

Margaret, what a terrific post.

altadenahiker said...

Great tribute to you over at pasadena adjacent. Personalized goddesses -- all you need now is a biznez plan.

Charline said...

Saw your link at pasadenaadjacent.com and had to come read what you had to say about Sekhmet. Sekhmet plays a huge role in my novel, The Curse of Nefertiti, so it was with some trepidation that I started reading because she and Isis are tied as my favorite Egyptian Goddesses. Halfway through your post I was chuckling and when I got through the cautionary part of when to channel Sekhmet I was laughing heartily!! Thank you for such a wonderful and humorous tribute to the Goddess Sekhmet.

All the best!
Charline Ratcliff, Author

Margaret said...

Charline: Thanks for the visit. The Egyptian goddesses are definitely fun to read about. It is especially interesting how they evolved. Congrats on your book! How exciting!

Jean Spitzer said...

Goddesses and bacon. I'm so glad I came to this blog.

Margaret said...

Welcome, Jean. Thanks for visiting. Yes, goddesses and bacon. What more could a person want.

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