Goddess of the Week: The Muses

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Got muses?

The muses are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (goddess of memory), and they are the sources of inspiration. Traditionally, they are called upon to help artists, but I like to think that they'll help anyone who is ready to live and think more creatively.

The Greek poet Salon thought so too. He said that the muses brought "prosperity and friendship" to people who honed their skills and always tried their best, which is why, of course, people loved the muses. Who doesn't want to party with someone who'll bring you prosperity and friendship just for being exuberant about the thing you love?

These are Greek goddesses, however, so, of course, there must be a caveat. Here's the thing: Do what you love, commit to it fully, but don't make the mistake of thinking you're walking around with Einstein's brain. The muses inspire. You create. Which is just another way of saying give credit where credit is due. Even the greatest artists and inventors did not work in vacuums. They lived in the world. They did their homework. They met and talked with like-minded souls. If you're are thinking about making a change, you need to be out in the world too.

This one king guy, Pierus, didn't give credit. He had nine daughters. He named each of them after a muse, and then he went around telling everyone that they were as good as the muses. The muses challenged the daughters to a contest. The daughters accepted, which was really stupid because you cannot beat a god. Ever. They are omnipotent. You are human. Deal with it. Anyway, the daughters lost and the muses turned them into magpies, where their creative choices were reduced to warbling and choosing which tree branch to sit on.

Channel this goddess: In this economy? Are you kidding? Channel the muses constantly! If you are re-thinking your career, if you are re-thinking your home, if you are re-thinking your meals, if you are re-thinking your relationship, you need muses. You also need muses if you're re-thinking who you want to be and how you want to live your life. So go! Find your muses! They're out there in the world, and they're waiting for you.

Rois: I know your situation has changed, but maybe you still need a sisterhood of lovely ladies. Will these do?

Need a goddess: So easy! Just leave me a comment. I'll see what I can do.
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Linda Dove said...

Now I'm re-thinking my decision about which tree branch to sit on.

... daisy... said...

Creativity? What would we be without it? Empty souls! Thanks to the Muses... and thanks to you... you are a wonderful source of inspiration yourself! :-)

Rois said...

Ah Shucks thanks; I still do need these ladies.I know there's something else out there I just need to bring on my Muse and get busy thinking even farther outside of the box.


Margaret said...

Linda: Is that you a hear warbling?

Daisy: Why thank you very much. I think you're a bit of a muse yourself.

Rois: Career changes are so hard. Good luck. May the muses be with you.

Jean Spitzer said...

An amusing and inspiring tale. Thanks.

Joanne said...

Well now, I'm always rethinking my meals (thinking how I can get someone else to cook them), and we're residing our house, so I know I have muses a-plenty! Now if they can only inspire someone ELSE to cook ;)

altadenahiker said...

Sit anywhere you like Linda, but stay off mine.

Petrea said...

I need all nine of these this very minute, and I've got a tree full of magpies outside.

Shell Sherree said...

No wonder I'm so fond of magpies.

pasadenaadjacent said...

It's hard to live in the world. Sometimes I like a quite vacuum

... daisy... said...


Margaret said...

AH: Have you been trying to run off with Einstein's brain again? Very, very bad of you.

PA: It is hard to live in this world, but you, of all people must know that artists can't live in a vacuum. Me? I think I could be happy for a long time in a vacuum, of course, not the cleaning kind. It would wreak havoc on my allergies.

Cafe Pasadena said...

I think these are what's missing from all the starving artists around.

I agree this is a very amusing tail. I think you're on your way to ruling the world with these stories.

Oh, gotta trot off. I think I smell a pumpkin bar. And, I just saw a Goddesses in a tank-top with disco eyes - in this weather - believe it or not!

Shanna said...

I've been intending to ask you if you also deal with the Muses.
I got stuck on my series of paintings of the Greek Muses.

If only...I could think of the right question to ask...For now, I am just keeping my head in the clouds.

MelRoXx said...

Getting inspiration can feel quite like a supernatural experience sometimes!